17 thoughts on “Do you trust Google?

  1. They are an advertising monopoly pure and simple. Everything else they do functions to support and maintain the monopoly. I trust them like I trust a Bull in a China shop. I trust the Bull will do what ever the hell it likes, break anything it likes and work to take advantage of anyone or thing it likes.

    I think their manipulation of SERPs functions in a way that the fourth estate could only dream about in years past and their concept of putting servers on the moon in light of their past actions is something slightly shy of either being worthy of derision in an Austin Powers movie or something fueled by reading Cryptonomicon too closely while simultaneously writing future business plans.

  2. Rayn: That was rude 😉

    Well, I like Google but do I trust them?

    • The business relation is stable
    • The services for publishers are performing well
    • Google as a company is a complex ‘non existing’ myth to me

    But that’s the same with Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, …

    I tend to trust those pretty rigid companies because they want to survive.
    On the other hand: Somebody remembers DEC, Honeywell, Bull, Atari, Commodore etc.???

  3. davidlind thinks that PR brings in traffic. davidlind also thinks that he is funny. 2 mistakes in one post.

  4. I kind of like Google. They have great software that they give away. Picasa2 is way cool. I started blogging eight months ago. And they have helped bring a lot of readers to my blogs. They gave three of my blogs PR of 4 which helped bring in even more traffic.

    And last but certainly not least. . .

    They have brought down some of the priestly class of bloggers a peg or two. The ones who are so full of themselves. And every time I hear one of them complain I smile. Maybe this is some sort of karmic payback for not answering emails. I don’t know.
    Onward and Upward
    –C.S. Lewis

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  5. How can anyone trust someone or something they never met but online? I do give Google props for not handing over search queries back in the day like yahoo and MSN to the government.

  6. I’d trust them if they were more transparent. But I’ve now had at least 2 really good websites mistakenly penalized in the SERPS (mistakenly as far as I can tell).

    And despite asking for reinclusion about 100 times now, I haven’t the slightest clue what’s wrong. This, to me, is an indicator that they operate like the Bush Administration and Guantanamo Bay. It’s the wide net approach that all powerful organizations use…but the wide net approach is almost always an abuse of power and a neglect of responsibility.

    So I don’t think Google is evil. But I do think they are neglecting the responsibility that comes with being such a powerful organization: when you severely penalize websites, either communicate the reason or double and triple check that you’ve penalized them appropriately.

  7. Well I used to… but their approach of acquiring power has stirred my belief in them. I mean they are very aggressive in acquiring smaller companies these days.
    They want to rule the web.

  8. George Orwell was only partially right. The only thing he got wrong was that big brother is Google not the government (although the government would like to be big brother!).

  9. I used to love Google, since they are now blocking the search term “freedom” in China, because of the way they operate adwords/adsense, because they are tracking almost everything that goes on on the internet and they are in the USA where the government can easily get that information, no I do not trust them. I am not that foolish.

  10. I don’t know, I’ve never had a problem with them so I’m probably not qualified to say one way or the other. Still, I picked that I trust them. Maybe I’m stuck in the idyllic 90’s?

  11. especially if you’ve signed up for PPP. but then commercialism is as commercialism does so I trust them just as much (or as less) than any other commercial entity.

  12. transparent my ass! they employ cut-and-paste borgs to answer all their email. We will assimilate you.


    We’re in yur Internets watching you work and play.

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