Do Posting Schedules Really Matter

Out of all of the blogs I read concerning tips for blogging, I’ve found at least one tip that is consistent among all of the others, and that is ‘abiding by a post schedule‘. The tip usually goes a little something like this:

Create a posting schedule and abide by it so your readers get a sense of consistency and they are not left wondering what’s next.

In this day in age, is a posting schedule really necessary? Sure, a posting schedule would let readers know when to expect something to be posted on the blog. But, with the advent of RSS, readers can be notified when you update your blog with new content, which means they will see it, whenever you decide to publish it. Unlike most other bloggers, I only seem to be able to blog and publish in the same session, rather than writing posts for future dates. I might have one post today, three tomorrow, none the next day and one the day after. But with RSS, people will always be up to date without having to constantly visit the website to look for new content.

I do have an argument in mind that one could use in relation to a posting schedule, but I’ll see if one of you bring it up first in the comments. So, with that being said, how many of you have actually created a posting schedule and then followed it to a T?

As a follow up, what would that posting schedule be? For example, do you publish a post once a day, once a week or once a month?

16 thoughts on “Do Posting Schedules Really Matter

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  2. Impressive. I’m organized, but at a much lower level. I don’t plan the content exactly to the day and hour, but I always know what to write next. And I have a plan to post every day on weekdays.

  3. If I don’t keep a post schedule, then my posting gets really inconsistent. And the less I post, the less I want to post, so I use my post schedule to keep building momentum. And I’ve just started using a point system to keep track of the other blogging tasks I complete every day.

  4. They really do help. They keep you on track but they also give readers something to look forward to. A posting schedule gives your blog some consistency and sets it apart from the dis organized ones in your niche..

  5. I’ve always thought about creating a calendar like that but I always feel that all of the time I spend creating a detailed calendar that schedules my life, could be spent doing other things. But it makes for a nice streamlined flow of activity based on time of day and whats next. Is this schedule all for one day?

  6. Hey Judith, I’ve been trying to write monday through friday for all of the sites I write for and take weekends to myself to either read or so something outside of blogging. It never seems to happen that way but I’m going to keep on trying. I’m glad you have scheduled at least one day out of the week as your day to do whatever you want.

  7. I really should set myself up a calendar so I have something to go by if my brain isn’t working that day. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Well, I’ll agree to a point in that RSS subscriptions have yet to reach mainstream use which is weird considering the amount of time since the format was created. News readers are getting easier to use but I guess too many people are stuck in that mode of checking the site manually on a daily basis. Good for the traffic numbers though.

  9. Interesting, you are a teach and go with the flow of a college schedule so it would best suit your readers and when they would be able to catch your site. Glad to see its working out for you.

  10. Although I love to write, many times my business responsibilities cut into my Blogging time. So, for me, I am committed to M-T for all four of my Blogs and never on Fridays. Fridays that time is used for other things I enjoy doing online whether it be networking, playing with some new code or just poking around.

    There are times I miss a day here or there and not much I can do about that — gotta make the donuts! 😉

  11. The editorial calendar I use is for my sanity, not my readers’. I have many ideas and receive many questions. In order to keep things straight and to keep up on the writing, the editorial calendar is just another way to help me stay organized and on-track. I don’t follow it exactly every week; I allow for impromptu writing.

    I try to post at least once every day, M-F on two of my blogs and once each day Su-F on another. My opinion that consistent posting is important.

    (If you’re interested, I did write a post about editorial calendars at BB101. You can do a search for it on my site if you’re interested–I don’t want to look like I’m poaching traffic. Just type in ‘editorial calendar’.)

  12. I also do the MWF thing, scheduling the posts for noon.

    Personally,I think that if you’re trying to reach a wider, more general audience, RSS is overrated. I believe I read recently that less than 10 percent of internet users use feeds. So yes, if a general-interest blog is your goal, a posting schedule is probably well worth it, and prominent e-mail subscription options.

  13. I choose to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, preferably having the post prepared and scheduled at least 1 day in advance, so the article can be posted at 6:00 in the morning.

    Why do I do this? It’s a theme thing, really. I write about life as a college administrator, so keeping with the college theme, I decided that since a typical class will meet on MWF of any given week, I’d treat my blog as though it were a class, delivering content MWF of any given week. Sometimes I miss a day, but then again, sometimes students skip class. That’s why I advertise my posting schedule as “MWF-ish (it’s like your back in college!)”

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