Dirty Laundry

Eeeooow! Please stop now…

When emails start getting published on blogs, sides of arguments are skewed in favor of one party or another, readers / viewers start taking sides and the mob starts baying for blood, blogs really show their dark side.

And I’m just as bad, because the whole thing facinates me.

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3 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry

  1. Well it looks like she has quite a few offers of plum opportunities, perhaps this was ultimately rewarding? I think she did play it well with her “goodbye” video, perhaps she shouldn’t have retaliated but I think I can empathise. As a “personality” all she has is her persona and reputation, if someone does an effective job of damaging that she can’t work.

  2. I agree entirely Bee, and i’ve run a site where this story and the emails would have been great…

    Kind of makes you wonder whether you could ever write amanda an email again though right? What if you pissed her off? Should you choose your words carefully and think twice before any “personal” communications?

    Sheesh, what a mess..

  3. You’re probably right in pointing this out. Personal communication and the ‘blame-game’ is a very dangerous game to play. What is the purpose of such a thing? To get support/sympathy? To have the other side look bad?

    In this specific case, Amanda should have simply told her side of the story without accusing or playing the game that she says Andrew is playing, and specially without making personal emails public.

    Regarding news sites and collection-sites picking up such stories: they are always looking for anything with some juice in it, regardless of any importance or usefulness of that story.

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