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When you run a website, whether it be a blog or a static site, aside from quality content, the name of the game is link building. Not only is building quality links essential to your strategy in terms of search engine rankings such as Google Page Rank, it’s also another way for Web surfers to find your site and obviously you want each and every inroad to your site that you can possibly get. The number one strategic concern for anyone with a Web presence has got to be obtaining links that legitimatize your business.

If you’ve already got high quality content that visitors want, then you’re ready for link building, but if not, then you’ll want to tackle that part of successful site construction first. Otherwise, the links you build will only point surfers to a disappointment and they aren’t likely to return. Returning visitors are the foundation of any good site, you need to make sure you please those you seek to bring to your site, or all the strategies and tactics in the world will do you no good.

Once you’ve built a site worth visiting, it’s time to hit the link building circuit. Link directories have now become known as ‘link farms’ and are frowned upon by search engines and visitors alike. Unless you can find an extremely high quality link directory that caters to the niche you’ve designed your site around, it’s best to try other methods of obtaining links. Blog commenting can work, but these days many blogs are no-follow, which means that search engines will not recognize the links as a valid means of judging the popularity of your site. That’s the bottom link in link building, from an SEO perspective: popularity. The more sites linking to your site, the more popular the search engines will consider it to be.

Social bookmarking can do wonders, but you want to be sparing with this technique. It’s widely used now and many spammers have invaded the scene. You can also use social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to build links to your site. By pinging your profiles that you’ve built links to your site inside of, you can encourage the search engines to follow through to your site and link it. It’s extremely important to employ the maximum amount of creativity that you can in order to get links. Contact sites you admire and ask for a link. Use friendliness and any people skills you have. If you’re not a people person yourself, why not have a friend who is contact them on your behalf? If you are running multiple blogs and don’t have much time for doing link building yourself there are many websites these days that offer it as a service such as

Linkbaiting can lead to links. If you blog about someone on the Web who offers real value, often these people will check their incoming links and then check your site. If they like it, odds are good that they’ll link back. You can offer services such as blog posts to bloggers and even write articles for static sites. Using article marketing can be a powerful way to generate links, but a personal approach to a webmaster with the offer of a free article? That’s a favor they’re very likely to return. You might also try to make videos that you could post on YouTube and then offer them up to be embedded on blogs across the net. Many times, people will link to your site in exchange for a quality or just plain fun video.

Use your imagination and the sky is the limit for link building.

Don’t waste time on old methods that are being overused and may soon go extinct. Push the envelope and use your personality. If you’re serious then provide seriously useful content for others. Do the favor first and you’ll be surprised by how generous many people will be in return. If you’re artistic then offering graphics, music, photographs or other forms of art could net you quite a few high quality links. If you’re known for your sense of humor, why not work that angle and come up with a hilarious post for bloggers or a video that’ll bring a smile to people’s faces? Don’t be afraid to try something new because you cannot know until you give it your best shot. That’s how new methods are developed, trial and error.

In the end, it’s up to you to make your link building campaign successful. There’s no reason to shy away from any new technique you believe might help your site out. The Web is for innovation so if you aim your efforts in that direction and stay persistent, you will absolutely see success.

15 thoughts on “Creative Link Building

  1. i have been building links for a while now but i havent yet considered link baiting, maybe i will try this and see what type of results it brings me. thanx

  2. Well, linkbuilding is really useful and necessary to get our pages on the first results on google, but they can be somewhat time consuming, I love the methods you have showed, asking for a link is better than writing thousand articles, because it is way too time consuming.. But article writing really gives good results.

  3. Hi,
    I’m a new blogger, requiring traffic to my blog.
    I liked your post about linking… I’m trying a few methods like article marketing, trying for link exchange…
    Not much success. May be, being total non tech makes things difficult for me.
    I’ll try and put your ideas in practice, I like the one about offering free article.

  4. I decided long ago that if I wanted to make a name for myself professionally, it was self-defeating to try to hide my identity online! So I tend to be fairly open, to a point. That point of comfort is going to be different for everyone. Some people I know have public profiles on Twitter but they’d have to watch every word. I don’t want to watch every word. I love to interact with people. So I will only let someone follow me if they are connected in some way (either someone I know and trust, or via someone I know and trust).

  5. thank you for clearing,
    there is alot of people that miss these tips,that’s why they fail.
    if you want to have success,you need to follow the rules

  6. Personally I always try to push for viral marketing since no other link building can compete with this. Then there’s of course ton of things you can do to get a better chance of getting your post viral.

  7. Thank you for great link building tips. I was aware of traditional link building tactics such as directory submission and article submission and I was using these methods very well. Now I’m thinking about using some other ways to build links and I’m glad I came across your article.

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