Could You Use 200 Dollars?

In these tough economic times, I’m sure winning $200.00 is not such a bad thing. WPWebhost which is a webhosting company specializing in hosting WordPress powered sites is holding a contest of sorts. They will be giving away five different awards for specific site design categories. The categories are, modern and elegant, clean and minimalist, retro and vintage, grunge, and hand-drawing style.

Your website must be WordPress powered with an original design or a completely original modification of a free or premium theme design. And here’s how to join:

  1. Write a blog post (or announcement) about joining the Best WordPress Design Award (and mention which category you are joining) in your website.
  2. Submit your URL in the comment form here. (trackback works too)

Deadline is on 22nd March 2009.

Prizes include a badge to place on your site, $200.00 to be shipped right to your paypal account and a life-time hosting sponsorship. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me. Considering many of the Performancing audience has WordPress powered sites of their own, I figured I’d pass this contest along.

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