Compare FeedBurner Stats With Feed Compare

Blog Perfume has announced the release of a new tool they call Feed Compare. Feed Compare is an online tool that allows you to easily compare your FeedBurner Subscriber numbers to others. The online tool has four text fields allowing you to compare the stats between four different Feeds at a time. FeedCompare uses graphs from to plot out the number of RSS subscribers over time. You can view your RSS comparison in 5 different views, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. As a test, I compared my personal site with and although my line graph was embarrassing, it was interesting to see the steady increase in subscribers for

Here is the link which shows you the comparison between the two sites.

4 thoughts on “Compare FeedBurner Stats With Feed Compare

  1. Yep. If one of the services that FeedBurner looks into for the total number of subscribers goes down or they can not retrieve a report, it looks as if you lost 50 RSS readers in one day. Good thing this is usually never the case as those 50 readers come back the next day

  2. Nice find, Jeff!

    The many surface ripples in the graphs show the distributed (decentralized) nature of RSS use: When a user doesn’t start up their local client readers one day, that registers as one less RSS subscriber on that day; and when Bloglines or Google Reader or another centralized service goes down it shows as short, sharp dips in the graph. [I wrote about this up on my blog, too]

  3. You’re quite welcome. Even though there are other ways of comparing stats, this tool makes it easy.

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