Community Reboot: Monetize Performancing

Ok. Let’s keep this simple. Over the next month, I’m going to be heading up an effort to monetize Performancing. I’d love your help, especially if you can think of creative ways that both Performancing *and* our community members can jointly profit without crapping the site up with junky ads.

While you brainstorm in the comments section, keep in mind our 2 main services right now, pMetrics and WordPress Themes. There may be ways to monetize them *in addition to* the main Performancing site.

So without further ramblings:

If you ran Performancing, how would you monetize it?

5 thoughts on “Community Reboot: Monetize Performancing

  1. I mean, going in and actually doing the work sounds great, but that means charging more. But Ahmed’s idea of having a set amount of time is a good one.

  2. Sent you details but overall, the ‘doctors’ would have a set amount of time with the site and depending on how much control they’re allowed (you can’t go in and revamp the design without input from the owner), they can do as much as possible.

  3. The Blog Doctor service sounds awesome, and could be easily shared with the blog doctors. How much do you think this service is worth and would it include only medical consulting or actual surgery?

  4. (1) Sell direct ads to a select few companies – say one or two laptop companies, three or four software companies (say blog editor, diagramming tool, mindmapping, etc.). And I’m sure every blogger loves a good fountain pen once in a while. Just examples.

    (2) Allow a paid services listing section, but with relevance to the site – i.e., blogging/ writing related.

    (3) Offer a “blog doctor” service right from Performancing – select team.

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