[Closed] Looking for a few beta testers

Added: We now have enough beta testers so no more beta testers are being accepted. Thanks!

We’re looking to launch a new feature for advertisers next week, and I was hoping we might get a few Performancing guys to beta test it before we launch. If you’re interested in trying out the new service, you dont have to be an advertiser, just a member of Performancing.

We’ve been working hard on a way to allow people to create simple text ads instead of having to upload a created 125x125px ad – not a real text ad, but a created image. It needs some testing as we need to make sure there are no platform dependency bugs before it’s made available generally.

How to Help

Please comment here, or send me a private message and I’ll add you to the group, and will email you to let you know what to do.

Thanks everyone

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12 thoughts on “[Closed] Looking for a few beta testers

  1. Guys, you should all now be in the beta group but if anyone has a problem, let me know.

    Head on over to the forum thread for beta testers for more details.

    Thread closed, no more beta testers please, thanks!

  2. No not at all, this is about creating an ad only.

    The idea is to break down one of the major barriers we see for some advertisers — one lady told me she spent an entire weekend fiddling with photoshop and gave up frustrated.

    This is just a way to make a quick, simple call to action with text.

  3. Hi Nick,

    More than happy to help you with the testing.
    Wouldn’t it be necessary to have already advertisers for your blog?


  4. Hi,
    I was waiting for something like this to come up.Text Link ads will be reall benifit for some people.I would surely like to participate.Do give a chance and we all can make it a success.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. Thanks guys, i’ve got a stack of folks in my inbox too!

    I just have to do a few bits to it after my daughter goes to bed then i’ll email everyone — chris did all the hard work on this, but i have to make it look a bit prettier

  6. Hey Nick. Although much the same as ngtech while I’m running a busy schedule, happy to help out anyway I can.

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