Clearing Some Of The Confusion

For whatever reason, there appears to be some confusion as to what is going to take place with WordPress 2.6 and the XML-RPC feature. Although James brought the issue to light ( read
WordPress Disabling XML-RPC By Default With 2.6—Good or Bad? ) the confusion needs to be addressed in a seperate post. So here is the real deal.

  • New installations of WordPress from 2.6 on will have XML-RPC disabled by default
  • Those of you upgrading any previous version of WordPress to version 2.6 will not have XML-RPC disabled as part of the upgrade process.
  • The feature is not disappearing nor is it being disabled indefinitely.

Thanks to Joseph Scott in the comments, I’ve learned that the team has changed the way in which this feature was implemented. Read more about it here.

Monday’s poll will ask the question, Which 3rd party blog publishing tool do you use? The results should give us a very rough estimate as to how popular using a third party blogging application is when compared to the built in publishing system.

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  1. Where did you end up getting that information as I can’t find that out anywhere using my sources.

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