Buy, Sell, Trade at the Performancing Marketplace

The Performancing Marketplace is just another one of those things that had been put on hold when we made the big move from Drupal to WordPress. After some thought and tweaking (plus a bit of elbow grease), we’re pleased to announce that the Performancing Marketplace is now back online.

On the Marketplace, users can advertise blogs, domains, blogging services, themes, design services, or just about any related products and services. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you’re most welcome.

The Marketplace is an open forum, so we won’t be limiting users to outright sales, bidding wars, or such. We’re still in the process of crafting the FAQs (which would mostly entail Marketplace members being polite with each other, and being on topic). We’re starting from a clean slate, though, so everything here is new. Therefore the Marketplace waiting to be filled in! For better visibility, the latest Marketplace posts will also be listed on the main Performancing site sidebar.

Register now for a free account at See you there!

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