Business Blog Writer/Editor Wanted: Full-time opportunity for sharp business mind with a strong, opinionated voice

BusinessPundit ( ) is looking to hire a full time editor to develop a strong, interesting, consistent voice for one of the top business blogs in the blogosphere.


  • $3000/month base salary plus 50% profit share (revenue minus expenses)
  • Opportunity to plan and execute site development strategy
  • Platform to create one of the strongest, most unique business voices on the Internet


  • Must provide at least two samples of previous writing work
  • Must have previous experience writing in an online environment
  • Must have relevant experience (education, work force) in a relevant field such as economics, business, startups, investing, marketing, PR
  • Familiarity with major business publications and widely followed theories
  • Ability to self-motivate, set own agenda, offer sharp criticism, write book reviews, employ sarcasm and wit


  • Experience with daily writing tasks and deadlines
  • Journalism experience preferable
  • Strong evidence in past work of a strong, smart, opinionated voice
  • Experience with the execution of online marketing

To apply for this position please contact Ryan Caldwell at [email protected]

Author: ryancaldwell

2 thoughts on “Business Blog Writer/Editor Wanted: Full-time opportunity for sharp business mind with a strong, opinionated voice

  1. Hey Ryan,

    I didn’t notice you had this position posted as I normally hang out in the Hive. I love Business Pundit, it was one of the first sites I looked at when I ramped up! I link to the site all the time (especially Drea!) and wanted to know if this opportunity was still available?

    I am not sure of the procedure here as all of my writing to date has been for myself, so I am on unsure footing. Hopefully you have been to since I joined the Hive and you know a bit about my work. I am somewhat local to you (Philly suburbs) and would love to discuss the opportunity further if you thought my work was worth talking about!


    Robert Barr

  2. Looks like quite the lucrative opportunity. However, it is, like Ryan said, a great opportunity to earn a voice on a niche—that can be invaluable down the road. Hopefully you are able to get someone that will help Business Pundit grow.

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