BlogRank Gets All Tagged Up

Two weeks ago we launched the BlogRank Top 100 List, and it’s been a fun way to track and discover blogs using Performancing Metrics, our Pro-grade analytics package for blogs. We wanted to extend that list though, and be able to discover new blogs by tag, so after a little late night coding, I’m pleased to introduce you to The BlogRank Tag Cloud.

Aswell as the cloud, you can now see the tags of each blog ranked by BlogRank just under the title of their listing both in the top 100 and any of the hundreds of tags pages. With around 12,000 blogs being tracked, there’s quite a lot to discover, and it’s a fun way to find new blogs and generally meander along the tag trail of links in the system.

Men In Aprons

By far the best discovery of the morning for me was finding a recipe for hot peanut sauce on the wonderful Men in Aprons blog under the cooking tag. Gotta love that name eh?

Hope everyone has fun with this, and it proves useful. Any suggestions, feedback or bugs can be posted here and will be gratefully received….


UPDATE: There was a minor glitch for an hour or so earlier, thanks to Markus that’s been fixed now.

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17 thoughts on “BlogRank Gets All Tagged Up

  1. Wow cool feature! All I need to go is get my #8 travel blog into the top 100 😀

  2. Nick: Just wondering how you are tagging these blogs? #100 of the food list has one post which pretty much says “hello”. I must have missed some explanation elsewhere, because I don’t see it here.

  3. I’ve fixed the case sensitive issues now.

    “optimization” — for who? We’re not building this for search engines, we want it ot be a useful/fun thing for our users.

    I’ll have a look at the feeds issue now.

  4. No problem, I am fine. If Chris doesn’t get it fixed I will use another tag. Doesn’t help me anyway to be the only number One on that tag if it works 🙂

    BTW: He should also test tags like “St. Georg” 🙂

    Bug (or feature?): The two feeds shown are different! The first is OK but the second feed is taking the last tag in the list.

    Optimization (important): Add rel=”tag” to every tag link!

    Optimization: Shorten header title
    Hamburg – Performancing BlogRank Top Blogs |
    could be
    Hamburg – Top Blog Ranking |

    No, and I don’t want to be the first to start the “why only four tags” discussion, absolutely not!

    Yes, and I want to start a discussion about Top Ten lists for every tag PLUS adding an excerpt from the latest article to the single blog. You know why 🙂

  5. I.e. “Sankt Georg” becomes …/tags/sankt-georg and no entry is shown.

    It might be. Chris changed the SQL just before we went live so it was a bit more accurate and im guessing it’s now case sensitive where previously it wasnt.

    he’s off out at the moment but we’ll get to it later today Markus, cheers

  6. Yeah, I was pretty sure I initially put in the /retro/ part as its my primary project.

    Thanks so much for your help and quick responses!

    I am planning on redesigning the front page to make it a bit more inviting

  7. It would be nice as your site really doesn’t look like a blog at all on first glance, but unfortunately the way Metrics works it would knock off the /retro part of the url from the link anyway.

    I will put the site back in though, as now you’ve pointed it out to me I can see it’s a blog

  8. Mine isn’t adult, but I actually have two blogs on my domain,

    Should I change my info to be more specific like ?

  9. If your site has strong adult content or has been classed a “non blog”, it will likely be filtered out of the top100 — it should still show under it’s own tags though..

  10. just kinda curious — my widget says I’m #16, but I don’t show up on the Top 100 listing…

  11. Thanks Markus, all fixed.

    I made a minor adjustment earlier that I didnt think would affect that page at all, clearly it did though. Reverted back to the working version we put out this morning.

  12. Two word tag not found.

    I.e. “Sankt Georg” becomes …/tags/sankt-georg and no entry is shown.


  13. Tag cloud not showing … just to let you know. The single tag entry I can see is “grilling bbq cooking”.

    The Top 100 list is showing tags.
    I checked my pages (my metrics / edit) and the tags were totally OK for all sites. Good work!

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