BlogHoster Announces New Version, New Management, and a Discount for Performancing Users

SplashPress Media has announced the release of BlogHoster version 2.8, a long-awaited update to our very own premium blog hosting software. This release features some reliability fixes, browser compatibility fixes, and six new themes by Design Disease.

As well as this new release, SplashPress has announced the takover of BlogHoster by new management, which includes web ninja Randy Nivales and this particular writer.

We are pleased to announce that we are improving our efforts in developing Blog Hoster, and the service is now under the management of J. Angelo Racoma and Randy Nivales from our team. Angelo and Randy have worked extensively on planning, developing, and marketing hosted blogging solutions prior to Splashpress. And therefore we are confident that they have what it takes to bring Blog Hoster to its true potential.

We have reactivated the support forums, and we are now ensuring a faster turnaround time in responding to email inquiries. For resolution of technical issues, we have also started the Blog Hoster bug tracker.

A lot of new features are being planned and developed for the next release of BlogHoster, and at this point, I think our strength lies on the ease of managing a community site that features blogs and a social network for its users. Let me quote from our Hotscripts entry.

Create your own weblog hosting service! With BlogHoster, your users can create and maintain their own weblogs with basic or custom templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, various privacy settings, and more. Your users will be able to write entries with a web-based rich text editor and manage entries with an easy to use control panel. BlogHoster is very easy to integrate into your existing website. BlogHoster only requires that you have PHP and MySQL on your server – there is no flatfile data. BlogHoster also gives you, the admin, the capability to place ads on your users’ weblogs. This product is perfect for web hosting companies or community-focused websites.

BlogHoster is priced at $250, and this includes free installation (and some tweaks, where needed), and access to the knowledge base and support areas for licensees. Performancing users get a 30% discount by keying in the promo code PERF319 on the order form.

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