Blogging Not Just For The Young

Browsing through the feedreader today, I came across an enlightening story about an 80 year old grandmother turned blogger. This grandmother has been using the net since the 1990s but once she became bored, she started up a blog that describes her take on life, her grandchildren, or sometimes topics such as where to get the best potato salad.

I always find blogs written by seniors to be much more interesting to read than those of younger people because of the amount of life experience they have. Getting their take on things is great especially if they have lived through the experience once or twice before hand.

What is your take on senior bloggers?

7 thoughts on “Blogging Not Just For The Young

  1. I am all for senior blogging, apart from the interesting content it is, as others have pointed out, very useful in prolonging active brain function. What could be more interesting than putting down your accumulated knowledge and anecdotes? Most senior citizens have interesting things to say and think of all the links they could make with other people, how good would that be? All the new friends over the net, making for a much more stimulating and interesting way to spend their leisure years.

  2. At the very least, that will be an interesting read. They have the wisdom, the expertise drawn from a lifetime of learning and experience. And it will be interesting how they will make use of the snazzy Web 2.0 tools, how willing are they to interact in social networks and to what extent. And I’m curious not only about the content, but also how they express themselves. They just might usher in the movement – pardon me, adherents of internet-speak and its foul jargon – for coherent, gracious, and vigorous writing of old.

  3. I think it’s an excellent decision. Studies indicate that seniors who participate in activities which stimulate higher brain functions improves mental health in the later years.

    The so called “use it or lose it” adage apparently has some truth.

    Whether it’s building model airplanes, acting out famous plays or writing their memoirs (in this case, blogging), it may improve quality of life without another battery of pharmaceuticals.

  4. I say a bit on on CBC news about an elderly man who took to writing after his wife died, he would write up his piece, then a friend would type it up for him. It was interesting what he would write, not same kind of nonsense that tends to get repeated a thousand times over.

    A side note, the decendants of a WW1 soldier started posting his letters home 90 years later, chek it out:

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