Blogging Fear: Just Start Writing

Recently, I was consulting with a business owner about starting her own blog. Darren Rowse, Problogger, referred her to me, and so I was excited to get started. One of my biggest passions is to teach, and there is nothing I love more than to see a business jumping into the blogging world.

She was very hesitant though. She had looked at many blogs and was awestruck by their high quality content, amazing editing, striking use of images, and she felt like competing would be hard. Then I told her that the blogs she was comparing herself to were years old. Both bloggers had already done hundreds of posts, and had refined their writing style, use of images, and editing over that period of time.

She was just starting out and like anything, blogging requires time, effort and practice to do amazingly. She begrudgingly started writing a post, and saved it as a draft for me to look over. Other than a few stylistic things like making some text bold and italics, the post looked great. She looked it over again and was finally ready to publish it. Nervously, she wanted to take it back.

We all have those doubts, those questions. “What if others think it is horrible? What if it doesn’t make sense to them?” In the end though, while the blogging is about helping build her business and brand, it is also an archive of her life as a businesswoman and should cater to her own desires first.

Quickly, the “bug” of publishing content online grew, and she was always thinking about what to put on the blog next.

This whole experience made me wonder if the issue with blogging is that too many people expect to be experts on day one. When you had your first day of school, did you know everything in the text books? When you started your first real job, were you the number one expert in your field? No! So why should blogging be any different? Be it as a hobby, career, or a promotional tool, blogging is like any other task from riding a bike, to building a business: it takes practice to do well.

Don’t let your fear stop you from producing content. Even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone, I highly doubt that with over six billion people living on the planet, that you won’t make a connection with at least one of them, and if you are really shy about your content, don’t promote your blog, just post what interests you. Use your blog as a tool to express yourself, and let come what may. It is your island, you control the design, content, comments, and more. Fear nothing, and get blogging!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Fear: Just Start Writing

  1. Hi

    All of the reason that persuades me to write something, is interest to writing.
    But every time that I wanted to write I have fear of writing.
    I do not know to write what and the words don’t come to my mind. After that, I prefer to don’t write and this cycle are repeat and repeat. While I decide to write something, words left my mind and I have nothing to explain. It has been my huge problem for writing instead of my desire to writing. I can’t explain my thoughts and myself.I’ll lost words…….

  2. I am glad I found this blog! I have been looking through various internet sites that have to do with becoming a blogger. I have always been told I was a very good writer. I had not ever considered blogging as an option for a career or even as something to do for fun. This post inspired me to try it out. Even if it is only ever just for fun and no career comes out of it I still enjoy it. You are right about not being an expert on day one!
    Thank you for the encouragement and perhaps one day I will be using what I love as a career. Until then, my blog will keep going as just a way to express myself on what I think. Thank you again!

  3. I know that feeling. When I first started blogging about personal finances I often felt like, “Why should I write this?” or “How is this different from other blogs?” But after a while I kind of got over the feeling. Doing your best and getting the content out helps you improve. ‘Cause you can learn from it. Although I’m certainly no expert, I’ve found that starting my new site has been far easier.

  4. This post is very inspiring and so true! The hardest part in writing is getting started. It helps to write about something you understand and enjoy thinking about, but its worth having a go!

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