Blogger Health: What do you do to stay healthy?

A lot of people are going to skip over this series of posts because it doesn’t address 50 Ways To Make 4 Figures Per Day From AdSense – instead, it focuses on a topic that most bloggers ignore. A topic of vital importance. Not only because it affects the very core of your being, but because it actually has a fairly direct correlation with productivity, and to be honest, monetization. So let me suggest to those of you who have made it thus far: pay attention. This might be the most important series of posts that I make at Performancing.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be doing a series of posts on Blogger Health. Quite simply, it is the most overlooked issue in blogging and needs to be addressed. Money, afterall, is no good if you’re unhappy, sick, depressed or dead.

But enough of the scare tactics. Your health is directly correlated to your blogging success. Over the last year, by paying close attention to my body’s needs, I have been able to increase my overall daily productivity in both quantifiable (measurably better ideas, faster execution, etc.) and qualitative (enjoy my work, less depression, etc.) ways.

As probloggers, we have the advantage of working out of our homes and on flexible hours. We should take advantage of that fact and take time out of the day to fine-tune our bodies. Unfortunately, many full time internet people don’t leave their homes more than once or twice a week. We should aim to change that.

But before I start writing this series, I want to invite Performancing readers to do a gut check. What’s the state of your health? How seriously do you take your health? Do you think about your health on an hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly basis? Or did you wake up one day like me faced with the seeming Catch-22 that not only had you grown a beer gut but that it’s also hard as hell to stop work in the middle of the day to pump some iron?

9 thoughts on “Blogger Health: What do you do to stay healthy?

  1. your article is absolutely help a lot of people to think again about how important to keep healthy life. come to my blog too, i also give a lot of information about health news. coz i would like to generate and change people into good habit.

  2. I think a lot of bloggers are falling prey to the lure for money…. Totally neglecting their health in the process… I personally know a few whose sex life is screwed because of their work habits.

  3. 3)a blog that requires meeting a lot of people & a blog that requires a lot of physical movement

    * A blog that focuses on video interviews or even video news in any niche…

  4. … but when I started typing it out I realised I’m not sure I want to share it at this stage. It might actually be a good one 😉

    In response to the original post though, this is a sedentary pastime. Not only is getting out and about good for your health, it’s amazing how much a little bit of exercise like a 20 minute walk can free up your though processes.

    Getting away from the computer can be quite liberating in that your brain is forced to think about something else for a while (and in the meantime your subconscious is busy churning away).

    Also, while I’m not a big fan of it myself, I hear that sunshine (and the vitamin D that it contains) is good for your mental health.

  5. 1) have a blog that requires meeting a lot of people

    2) have a blog that requires a lot of physical movement


    3) have a blog that does both.

    Suggestions for topics?

  6. I’m kind of forced to workout as my blog is about fitness (well actually – learning boxing). So, to write decent content, I research various workouts, test them and so on which means doing them. Guess I kill two birds with one stone.

    I completely agree though, productivity in people is so much better when they are physically fit. Also in the military, and we have to work out daily…now it’s a habit. If you are having trouble taking care of yourself, maybe you need to start a fitness blog

  7. Having a motivating structure in one’s life is the most critical part. Once the motivation is there, it’s cake. My wife helps me start the day off with some yoga. That’s fundamental. Once I got in the habit of doing a morning activity, things started rolling. But I wouldn’t have started the morning activity if I hadn’t been motivated by my wife.

    Lots of bloggers are loners. And it is damned hard to motivate oneself as a loner. I at least need other people.

  8. This is something I’m pretty thankful for being in the military for. Sure, it cuts down on my time and opportunity to become a problogger. But, I’m in excellent shape (despite my bad habit of smoking a pack a day and drinking a 12-pack per weekend).

    Regardless, a 9:30 mile-and-half, >80 pushups and >60 situps in 2 minutes is nothing to shake a stick at.

  9. Mental health is as important as physical health, and both of them are dependent on each other. I’ve seen people for whom depression and lack of motivation is a bigger problem than getting up and doing two doze pushups.

    So some advice on mental health would be good too.

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