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I just deleted a comment promoting a service aimed at bloggers here. Not because it was a bad service (i have no idea, i havn’t tried it) but because I find it incredibly rude when people just come in uninvited to promote at Performancing.

Having done that, for the umpteenth time this month i might add, it occured to me that maybe we need to work with this rather than against it?

Im open to suggestions on how we might do that, but for now, if you have something to put out for general review by the Performancing community, drop me a note at [email protected] and tell me why we should cover your service on the homepage.

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on that..

6 thoughts on “Blog tools, services and monetization programs

  1. I guess there is a fine line between blogging about something and promoting something. Tough call but definitely the reason why human editors will be needed for many years to come.

  2. Simple. A paid classified service. Separate from the blog and might earn Perf a little coin. And you’d weed out the junk by charging a fair amount for placement.

    I know … not another “job board”-type thing 😉 But if you can build a decent user base, you should be able to leverage it for some revenue.

  3. On one website I have, I created a forum area specifically for advertising and specified that that is the ONLY place for posting advertising & website promotion. Since it is a forum each poster would start their own forum topic to post their ad. People are allowed to respond (although that rarely happens). It has worked remarkably well. For the most part, ads and unsolicited links stay out of the rest of the site, with the exception of blatant spammers who would spam anyway. And I am actually surprised at how much traffic it gets. People actually read the stuff! I do have some rules on ads (no scams, no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, no gambling, no violence, etc.) and reserve to the right to edit or delete any ad (or any other post for that matter) for any or no reason. But most of the posters are all well behaved. Sometimes people come to post their ad and stay for the community. Registered members only can post. No guest posting though.

    Also, forum topics specifically for helping people find other websites that help bloggers may be appropriate. I would put that in its own forum section, but it would be good for people to be able to exchange resources and ideas.

  4. Yes, the thought had occured Dave. All kinds of crap would be posted though, but its worth a thought. I know Mike Arrington at Techchrunch’s company reviews section within the forums works well (at least he’s said it does…).

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