Blog Advertising Programs A-Z

Adsense and Chitika are not the only fruit. Far from it in fact, there’s quite a number of programs out there that can be run on your blog, some contextual, some not.

I’d like to put a list together of the A-Z of advertising options for bloggers. The list so far is pretty good, but most likely not complete, so please post anything i’ve missed!

A-Z of Blog Ad Programs

So, without further ado, here’s the list:


  • Description: Allows publishers to sell text ads on their sites
  • About page


  • Description: Allows you to sell text ads on your blog.
  • About page


  • Description: A kind of manual Adsense
  • About page
  • BlogFeed


  • Description: The ubiquitous contextual ad program from Google
  • About page
  • BlogFeed

Affiliate Sensor

  • Description: Contextual affiliate text links
  • Warning: Snake oil seller one page sales letter website with spammy looking text links in the footer. Does not inspire confidence.

All Feeds

  • Description: Varied offerings from contextual ads to search ads and affiliate links
  • About page

Banner Boxes

  • Description: Contextual looking Adsense like ads
  • About page


  • Description: Allows publishers to sell text ads on a PPC basis
  • About page


  • Description: Adsense looking ads where advertisers bid for placement by site
  • About page

Blog Ads

  • Description: Banners in all shapes and sizes where publishers join groups of similar publishers. Blog specific.
  • About page
  • BlogFeed

CB Pro Sense

  • Description: Provides auto generation of ClickBank affiliate links
  • Warning: Snake oil sale one page sales letter with lot’s of exclamation marks and outrageous promises of instant wealth.

Click Ads Direct

  • Description: Unclear what the exact model is, but they appear to be pitching the exclusivity angle
  • About page

Chitika eMiniMalls

  • Description: Contextually served interactive ads filled by and others. Allows readers to find reviews and more info on products aswell as purchase
  • About page
  • BlogFeed


  • Description: Contextual network matching to affiliate programs
  • Warning: These guys do pop-up/unders
  • About page

Context Web

  • Description: Adsense look-a-like contextual ads
  • About page

Crisp Ads

  • Description: Blog ad network where publishers can join the “catalogue” and have advertisers be able to browse their blog then buy ads, or earn on PPC from showing text ads
  • About page
  • Amusingly, this blog network doesn’t appear to have a blog

Expo Active

  • Description: Lord knows, there’s no way to tell without signing up
  • Warning: Website looks like it was thrown together in about 10mins. Very worrying.
  • About page

Fast Click

  • Description: Variety of different formats including regular text ads
  • About page


  • Description: Various kinds of banners and text ads for RSS feeds
  • About page
  • Blog – Feed


  • Description: Similar offerings to Feedburner, text ads and banners in feeds
  • About page
  • Blog – Feed

Federated Media

  • Description: John Battelle’s ad network for blogs. Banner ads in various sizes.
  • About page
  • Blog – Feed

Info Grabber


  • Description: Links words in the body of your text contextually to advertisers
  • About page

Kanoodle BrightAds

  • Description: Contextual Adsense like ads
  • About page


  • Description: Very similar to IntelliTXT
  • About page

Mirago Context Stream

  • Description: Mirago is a third tier PPC engine, it can deliver contextual PPC results into content
  • About page


  • Description: UK specific IntelliTXT like product
  • About page


  • Description: Provide “tools” to integrate ads into regular and feed content
  • About page
  • BlogFeed

Quigo AdSonar

  • Description: Private label PPC bidding for text ads on your site
  • Note: Must have 1M+ page views a month to join
  • About page

Revenue Pilot

  • Description: Provides a PPC Search solution for sites. Possibly a little too complex for most busy bloggers to be bothered with.
  • About page

Search Feed

  • Description: Search and content PPC text ad integration. Like Revenue Pilot, a little complex
  • About page

Target Point

  • Description: Contextual affiliate text ads payed out on a CPC basis
  • About page


  • Description: Auto generated PPC text links provided by other third tier PPC engines
  • About page

Help Us Build this List Out!

I’m aware that the list is not complete. I’ve probably made some embarrassing ommisions, but with your help, we can build this list out to be the most comprehensive list of blog advertising programs on the web.

Please let me know what im missing in this list! and i’ll ad entries to it over time. Just post a comment and we’ll mop up any last programs we’ve missed 🙂

I have not included YPN or MSNAdCenter as both are in beta right now, and not open to all, and pure affilate networks aren’t what we’re here for, that’s a seperate list.

I hope you get some use out of this, so please tell us what we’re missing, and what you think of individual programs!

26 thoughts on “Blog Advertising Programs A-Z

  1. Great compilation Nick. Though, I would love to see as well as a part of this list. Since, being a member with for more than 2 years, I can say it is one of the most competitive online advertising networks.

  2. I have a website and i Want to advertise, pls contact me at jim.carrey85[at] if you can publish my ads at lower cost. IF going with CPC it should be 10 clicks per cent. Pls contact.

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  4. Great Adsense Alternative OR complement. – PPC with different ad formats and the famous dynamic text ads

  5. Widgetbucks
    Earn from both pay-per-click and PPC
    Payout only $50
    Payout in both checks and paypal

    A number of publishers who have tested WidgetBucks are seeing a $3-6 CPM.


  6. Depends on your niche and the traffic volume. Personally, I like Text-Link-Ads for some of my sites. Adsense makes nearly nothing for me yet, but that’s because I don’t have a lot of traffic. (I spend most of my time writing for clients.)

    I’m going to see if I can write a series on monetization ideas; but I’m not an expert.

  7. @syafthegeek: Are you saying you can’t see AdSense and Bidvertiser ads in Firefox? If so, then you might have an adblocker turned on. Because I have run both on one of my sites, to test, and they worked fine in Firefox.

  8. Wow, just the list I have been looking for, thanks guys. I think an updated (as some one mentioned) list with ratings would be ideal. Anyone want to slap one together?

  9. Any chance to add couple of characteristics important for bloggers?
    1) Is the program just for US, US/UK or is available worldwide;
    2) Entry barrier height. For example, AFAIK to enter IntelliTXT your blog has to make 500,000 pageviews a month
    3) AdSense compatibility. If I remember correctly, there are some restrictions in AdSense terms, that disallow using some kinds of advertisements together with AdSense
    4) A chance for Performancing Metrics to capture the program earnings in the near future
    5) Subjective rating of the Performancing team

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