Be An EatonWeb Category Editor and make $100/month

EatonWeb is doing things the old fashioned way.

We’re looking for category editors of our blog directory and we’re willing to pay $100/month for the service.

Here are the requirements:

1. You should be familiar with the top 10-25 blogs in your category
2. You should be able to write 100 word reviews of each blog that gets submitted in your category
3. You should be interested in helping to make “a blog directory that matters” – not one that passes link juice;-)

Each editor will be required to submit 5 new blog submissions per month in exchange for $100. Submissions will be filtered by the EatonWeb editor for both quality writing and quality blog selection.

So let’s get started. To apply for a position, just PrivateMessage me via Performancing along with the category that you are interested in editing.

15 thoughts on “Be An EatonWeb Category Editor and make $100/month

  1. I wasn’t questioning your decision to charge a review fee but the lack of transparency in the process. Personally, I would prefer to know the costs involved upfront before spending my time to register.

    I also wouldn’t want to pay a review fee in the second and subsequent years, where’s the value for me?

    That said, the internet is ablaze with desperate mug bloggers, so good luck to you. I wouldn’t mind a chunk of it myself but not for the money you’re paying 😉

  2. Well, the review cost was implemented to deal with the fact that we were receiving over 100 mostly junky submissions per day. Weeding through these submissions and writing review descriptions was a full day’s work.

    Hopefully that answers your question.

  3. Ryan, after you’ve finished tweaking the functionality perhaps you could provide some clarity on the directory ‘review’ cost 😉

  4. I tried that as well, but the only tabs i see on the profile page are: View and Track. No Contact Tab.

    Any other ideas?

  5. Ya know, if you click on the author’s username, you’re taken to his profile page from where you can just click the contact option in the tabs above to send them an email

  6. Ryan, I’m interested in blogging for you folks but I do not see any means to PM you. I’m interested in working the celebrity gossip, entertainment, education, or internet categories.

  7. It appears that when Ryan upgraded this site on Saturday, some of the settings changed. Normally, there’s a link at the end of every post that says “write to author”. Or something close to that.

    It appears you posted after the upgrade, and thus there’s no way you could PM Ryan. My sincere apologies.

    There are a few features we’ll need to check

  8. I just can’t figure out how to PM you. (Maybe I am just sleepy, but i tried hard and looked everywhere).

    I would like to apply for the Technology category.


  9. Yeah, being able to read will be an important prerequisite for becoming an editor of a directory 😉

  10. For those of you posting comments here, please re-read what Ryan wrote.

    PM him the category you are interested in “editing”.

  11. Ryan, just submitted my blog but here’s my concerns…

    You need to make it clear from the outset that there’s a review fee required, it’s sort of sneaky to ask for it AFTER I’ve submitted details and for that reason alone I will not be submitting (even though I already ‘submitted’ it)

    Even the crappiest directories, of which there are many, clearly state there’s a fee required BEFORE you submit your details.

    And, why would I pay to have my site ‘reviewed’ again in the second year when it has already been ‘reviewed’ in the first year?

    Also, do you intend on paying your editors for recurring reviews, will the sites be freshly re-reviewed in the subsequent years?

    Clarity is required before you get my dough.

  12. Here goes my application for the post.

    I have a year of blogging experience and here is my blog

    I read thousands of feeds daily and I am a very suitable candidate for the category Internet. You can check my writing skills from my blog.

    Please contact me if interested at [email protected]

  13. You said that we must be familiar with about 10-25 blogs in our niche.For how many blogs we have to write the reviews.And Between are there any selected number of niches.I kinda like these submission stuff.Do write me back !!!

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