Backlinks Or Spam?

The fine folks over at have put together a list of around 250 different blogs who have DoFollow links as well as blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin and the Top Commentators widget. The purpose of their article was to compile this list for those out their who are looking to gain backlinks.

I must give these guys credit. They did mention within their article about spamming blogs using their lists.

So, if you want to create a real visibility for your blog and not being called a spammer, always leave relevant comments when you have something to say.
Please do not use this list for spamming.

I use DoFollow on my own personal blog as well as CommentLuv as a means of rewarding individuals who contribute to the conversations that take place on the blog. I will admit, it seems like these two avenues have opened up even more flood gates in terms of the amount of spam comments I receive. Worst yet, the list of DoFollow blogs were compiled using software called Fast Blog Finder. So not only do I as a blog owner have to deal with automated spam, I now have to deal with human beings looking for backlinks through means of leaving comments.

You know, if you want to generate backlinks, do it the old fashioned way. Create a kick ass article. Create something that is link bait. It may not be as easy as commenting on a bunch of blogs but at least you’ll decrease the risk of your future comments being flagged as spam automatically from services such as Akismet. If you’re not sure on how to create link bait, check out the following articles from Performancing.


4 thoughts on “Backlinks Or Spam?

  1. “I usually don’t leave a comment on something unless I find it interesting and have something relevant to say.”

    So how do you get backlinks?
    or are you not in the IM business?
    of course there’s other ways to backlink.
    but – i didn’t find your comment relevant.

  2. I saw someone selling a list of high pr commentluv enabled sites before!

    I’m updating the plugin to use AJAX and open up other platforms (including some forum software) and I just booked a 125 ad on 10 blogs through performancing ads so hopefully, there will be a central place where you can search through registered commentluv enabled sites by keyword or category… coming soon!

  3. I find it a very hard line between wanting to become “known” (at least a little) but not wanting to be seen as spamming. I guess there are many out there in a similar position (excluding those who really ARE spamming). I get what you’re saying about linkbait but a)don’t you have to be known by someone somewhere in order for a post like that to take off and b)what if you’re not good at writing in that style? I’ll check out your articles but I can’t see myself as the “linkbaiting” type of blogger.

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