Audio: Monetizing Your Blog

Paula B of the Writing Show has just published our third podcast together: Monetizing Your Blog. It’s completely unrehearsed, but Paula does a good job of getting me to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time so if you have some time to spare, get the mp3 here.

Some subjects covered include:

  • What options are available for making income from blogs and Web sites
  • Why affiliate schemes (cost per acquisition) have been slow to take off in the blogosphere
  • Where to place ads for best results
  • What some of the pros and cons of the various options are
  • Why people click on ads
  • What you can do to get higher-quality ads
  • Which strategy is best for most people
  • How readers feel about Web ads
  • Which sorts of visitors are likely to click on ads
  • How to evaluate blog topics for their financial potential
  • Why selling a blog is tricky
  • Whether it’s possible to make a living from your blog
  • What Performancing is planning in the way of an ad network for bloggers.

Thanks once more to Palula,it’s always a fun experience doing these shows!

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7 thoughts on “Audio: Monetizing Your Blog

  1. Hi, guys,

    Yeah, I was Skyping out to Nick. Even Skype to Skype is sometimes flaky.

    Glad you liked the interview. Nick is always hugely popular with Writing Show listeners.


  2. @Nick: I guess Paula wasn’t using Skype either? Because Skype-to-Skype is fairly clear. Hullo to phone isn’t bad either – better than Skype to phone, at present.

    @Anyone: Extremely revealing podcast. A must-listen, in fact, if you intend to earn money from your blogs and blogging. You have an advantage over everyone else just from listening to it.

  3. i tend to prefer to pay for my calls and do them in comfort

    breaking out the headset and firing up skype is just way too much like hard work heh

  4. Yeh i seem to recall having some issues (was recorded about a month back) and think i might have ended up on my mobile in the end..

    hope everyone manages to hear it anyway…

  5. Over which kind of line did you talk? You are pretty hard to understand. Just listening at the moment …

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