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If you really want to attract bloggers to come work with you then it is important to think about exactly what you are trying to achieve. “Attract” is the important word here. Bloggers will not beat down your door in American Idol stylee, you need to make your offer attractive.

Since I heard about the demise of the weblogs inc Digital Photography blog it has been going over my mind a lot that their given reason for ending was no-one took up the offer to come blog for them. Hmmm … that doesn’t ring true to me; I for one would have taken up the offer rather than launch my own photography blog if A) I had seen it and B) the offer had been good. As it happened I can only find one call for bloggers from November last year and it doesn’t make “attractive” reading. OK, you have said what YOU want, not much about what the blogger gets! Bit crap really. And this is supposed to be a leading outfit in the blog network space …

When writing your exchange ad think very carefully from the bloggers point of view, particularly around the WIIFM aspect (What’s In It For Me?). As I said before, they have to actually be able to find the ad too so don’t be shy about promoting it outside Performancing.

Brettbum has started a thread on what advertisers need to include, please do take a look and contribute. It will help us all.


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  1. WebLogsInc isnt closing down blogs cause it can’t get bloggers. They are closing down smaller blogs because they are trivial compared to the likes of the bigger blogs, and arent as profitable for a big company like AOL (who own WebLogsINc). I actually work for them and this is what we were told.

  2. Nevermind attracting bloggers, what about attractive bloggers?

    I’d love to see good ol’ Dazza (The Pro), start a bloggers’ dating board. I can see his spiel already (cue Aussie accent): You know, one of the many things I’ve been asked on my pro-blogging journey is, where I can I find hot chick/guy bloggers?

    [Note: for the more serious members on here, my tongue is firmly in my cheek – I love Dazza and have learned a lot from him. Just ‘avin’ a larf, that’s all]

  3. and so many times forgotten

    Actually it is just like in the non-virtual life.

    Job classifieds can actually be part of your marketing.

    The better you introduce yourself and the more attractive you position the vacancy the more choice you have of qualified applicants.

  4. Some people, who will remain nameless, want bloggers to submit an article a week for a measly link. The question then becomes, WIIFT (What’s In It For Them?!)

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