13 thoughts on “As a blogger, how do you make most of your money?

  1. adsense and affiliates are neck-in-neck with direct ads coming up strong. Sounds like a horse race and the only guaranteed winner is me.

  2. I make most of my money selling products I own. Almost every blogger can easily, over a relatively short period of time, create an information product. Sold as a digital download it allows you to not only profit from your own visitors, but you can offer other bloggers the opportunity to sell it as an affiliate.

  3. Ryan, I’ll quote people sometimes per post if they ask, but usually, in my own head, I’m figuring my wages by time, or the hour – how long it will take, vs. number of posts. I think that one, it helps me to figure my budget, and two it’s a left over habit from my business and mag writing days. But, you’re not wrong, most bloggers I know figure it by the minimum post too.

  4. Jennifer, for most online writing that I’m familiar with, option number 1 “flat rate per post (blogging for others)” works to cover salary. I don’t know many employees who don’t tie salary to a minimum number of posts.

  5. Making money online is tough, but if the drive is there with the tools and perseverence needed, one can usually succeed.

  6. You left off salary (or base), so I hit other. I get a set base at all my client blogs – some with page view perks as well, some not. At a few of my blogs my page view perks end up more than my actual base pay though. On my own blogs I don’t work it that hard where monetizing is concerned, but the money I do make I get from affiliates (some niche specific sponsors) or AdSense. Interesting poll, I’m curious to see the end outcome.

  7. I’ve made little money, but what I’ve made is mostly thanks to affiliate marketing and using the blog as a springboard to get me little programming projects.

  8. I run an ad network for the niche I’m in. It’s great! I find bloggers who are influential in my niche and connect them to willing advertisers. That’s where I make money via my blog as well as help my colleagues make a little money.

  9. My blog is ALL about maintaining relationship with my clients… both current and future clients and that’s why I checked “other”.

    I’ve got Adsense and affiliate blogs set up but none of those pay nearly as well as landing a single client with my “main” blog.

    In other words, I’m blogging for “authority” instead of blogging for “dollars”.

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