3 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Google?

  1. Nope, I’m not afraid of any of the above. Well, I wouldn’t want to hold a 6″ tarantula or anything, but you get my drift.

    Google sends lots of traffic to a few of my sites, but I am not doing anything “grey” on those sites, so that’s not scary. I also have multiple methods of generating traffic, so search is only 50% or so of traffic on most of my sites, and that 50% is made of many low-volume keyword phrases so even if I get slapped for one phrase the impact is negligible.

    Now, if all my sites got banned by Google, that might not be so cool, but I can’t see why that would happen based on my positioning strategies.

  2. I’m not because I don’t rely on Google for anything. Google switching me off in search would hardly make a dent to me on chrisg.com BUT all the new projects launched recently would benefit a great deal from the mighty G so all those will probably mean me puckering up.

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