AOL/Netscape Take On Digg

Another social bookmarking site for you to take note of, what makes this an important contender is the company behind it is AOL and the site in question is the made-over and pimped-up Netscape

Jason Calacanis had this to say

Of course, in the first hour of being open we get tested by a bunch of DIGG users who voted up a story about a horrible AOL user experience–to the second position!

We’ve started doing metajournalism on the first wave of stories already… this is a real test of our integrity.

It is indeed going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Digg is going to have to respond to this. Of course the most loyal Digg users are going to knock it and they will be laughing their socks off that a negative story got to number one. Regardless of what the Digg fans think AOL is big enough that they don’t need their approval nor particularly want it. AOL plays to the mass market and have the budget to make some big waves.

Already they are drawing criticism for alleged “sneaky linking” (ie. not giving full and obvious link credit). I think this sort of thing will be soon remedied.

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4 thoughts on “AOL/Netscape Take On Digg

  1. I still have some lingering fondness for the Netscape name. I remember getting all excited each time Netscape released another download of their original browsers, right up to the last one that I used with any regularity, Netscape 3.0. After that I was won over by Microsoft right up until Nick lured me to some crackpot startup idea he was having.

    While it is obviously very much inspired by Digg I think it has potential. It remains to be seen if they capitalise on that potential or not but it will be fun watching.

  2. I love it.

    Not only is it a complete copy of digg (look at the article format), the top ‘voted’ story is “AOL Copies Digg” having the tags: evil, aol, digg


    AOL really had a chance to do something big, do it right and add innovative features to it. Instead it looks like a bad copy with a terrible layout. Reminds me of the Netscape browser that is based on Firefox.

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