AOL Journals To Disappear Oct 31st

Those of you who are unfortunate enough to have had an AOL Journals account will need to find a new home soon as on October 31st, the Journals site will be closed down. Journals was AOL’s entry into the blogging services market. Due to the journals not being used as much as they once were, AOL had decided to close its doors.

According to the PeoplesConnections blog post, users will have two options:

You can either save your information manually and find another place to blog on your own, or let us handle the migration for you and automatically transfer your Journal to a different blogging service.

Blogger has seized this opportunity and has announced that they have created a Journals migration tool that will help move Journals users onto

Not that I condone the use of blogger, but since there is a tutorial on how to go from Blogger to WordPress, it might be a good opportunity for Journal users to switch to Blogger and then to WordPress.

4 thoughts on “AOL Journals To Disappear Oct 31st

  1. I use AOL Journals, wordpress, and They are a great help to me in building my backlinks. I always publish good content on them. They also help give me good search engine position. But I never really depend on them. I host my own blogs, that way I have control, AOL,WP, and Blogger can shut you down anytime they want to. For some strange reason they may decide your blog is spam or inappropriate or whatnot. You will then have to jump through a few hoops to get your blogs back up on line.

    When you host your own blog you can add a host of plug-ins to make your blog do almost anything you want. Make it look like a static website, build a business directory, a membership site, and a lot more.

    Bill Skywalker Edwards
    Arizona Internet Marketing Consultant

  2. I guess I stand corrected. Didn’t realize blogger was that good but if you can edit the full site, that does give it a one up on

  3. After having tried both, I can honestly say that I would stick with over, mainly because I can edit 100% of the site, not to mention add any type of flash video to my posts (WordPress limits you do to security reasons), or upload my own directly to Blogger itself.

    Although if I were to ever host my own blog, I would switch over to (since I would have the ability to insert plugins, a feature sadly not available on

  4. You make it sound like is funding terrorists with the ‘Not that I condone the use of Blogger [my capitalization on Blogger]’ line. is a fine spot for hosting, especially for people who are only serious enough about blogging to be at AOL Journals. I prefer self-hosted myself, but I like to fully own my stuff.

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