An Update on The Performancing Experiment

Thought I’d forgotten about it, eh? Well, here are some specific updates.

  1. The site currently ranks at about position 14 in the Google SERPS for the book’s title, showing up on the second page
  2. In retrospect, it might have been better to target “harry potter book 7” over “harry potter and the deathly hallows” – but you live and learn!
  3. I’m currently doing an interview with Olubayi Olubayi of the Global Literacy Project both on the charity’s main mission and also on how he envisions the charity using technology and blogs to further its mission
  4. I’ve started sending out what I hope turns into a viral email message. Keep your fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “An Update on The Performancing Experiment

  1. Have you gone after the top 10 sites to get mentioned on those pages / sites?

    For some, like the Wikipedia page (works if you have a trusted Wiki account) and the Squidoo page will give you good knock-on traffic if nothing else

  2. This experiment is getting better and better. What kind of SEO did you do to get the Harry potter site ranked so high so quickly?

  3. Here’s the email message if you’d like to send it to three friends and help make it go viral.

    Hey guys,
    I found this great place where just by ordering any Harry Potter book or movie you automatically contribute to the Global Literacy Project, a charity for poor children. The site to get the book at is – By going through that site you’ll actually be ordering with Amazon, but your order will be tracked and a portion of the proceeds will be collected for the Global Literacy Project.

    If you were planning to get the new Harry Potter anyway (or if you know someone who is), why not make it go to a great cause. And once you’ve ordered the book, pass this message on to three friends so that together we can make a big difference (our goal is one million books).

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