All About Google Authority

Chris Garret who has been a long time contributor here to has published a great writeup covering just about all aspects of what it takes to gain authority on Google. In his white paper approach, Chris covers trust, influences, good behaviour, traffic, and much more as all of it relates to your authority on Google. He even includes a visual aid at the end of the article which is a Google authority mind map.

People look at Wikipedia and think they rank so highly and so often because of pagerank, or perhaps because they have a gajillion links, but there is another powerful element we can overlook if we are not careful.

Once relevance, links and keywords are taken into account, the true engines of search engine success are now believed to be “Trust” and “Authority”. But what do those phrases mean in this context, and how do you get more of the good stuff?

How to build Google Authority.

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  1. Thanks for pointing me toward that post. It was very insightful and helpful. It’s tough to rank on Google, but I’m glad they encourage webmasters of busy sites to think more about the long-term plan to gain trust and authority.

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