Akismet is the Greatest Blog Service Ever

We’ve only had comments open to unregistered users since Wednesday this week, and already Akistmet, the Automattic/WP spam filtering service, has caught 130 pieces of commercial vandalism and made them sit in the corner facing the wall — way to go!

I’ve also put it on my personal blog and a new project im working on. What a fantastic service.

Thankyou Automattic!

Some years back I’d have said there was no way a service could keep up, but it appears that all but a very, very few hardened arsewipes are managing to get through.

6 thoughts on “Akismet is the Greatest Blog Service Ever

  1. I love Akismet; it has done a great job on my sites. Coupled with the Worst Offendors plugin, managing the spam is simple. Worst Offenders checks your akismet spam queue for people who have spammed you more than 4 (or whatever you configure) times so that you can delete them all at once, leaving you to manually look through the onesies and twosies. This means I have a better chance of catching false positives, which do happen maybe once every week or two. I used to block the IP addresses I saw on worst offendors from accessing my site,but the new version allows for that automatically. Blocking known spammer IP addresses will usually cut down on the spam for a week or three.

  2. I help moderate the Official Linden Blog and Akismet has caught over 130,000 pieces of spam for us to date — I still see quite a few sneaky spammers making it through with various word tricks (e.g., posting a generic “I like your site!” comment or regurgitating parts of old sci-fi novels in random chunks), but it’s definitely helped us a lot.

    If only spam were physical, eh? What it’d be like to have Akismet deliver all the trash back to the senders. :p

    Lovely to hear it’s doing well for you, Nick! I say thankee too!

  3. Yeh, and i know im late. But hey, i’d not had use for the drupal module til now

    I just wanted to say thanks, it’s worthy of remark even way after the initial rush of coverage etc..

  4. Nick, mate – Akismet has been a must-have tool for most of 2006 for me – it has 99% pretty much put spam off the radar for me (it has caught and junked 65,000+ spam comments on my sites so far).

  5. It’s good that you’ve opened comments up, I could never remember my password anyway :-)…but aren’t you just a little bit late to the Akismet bandwagon?

    PS: the “this name belongs to a registered user feature” is a complaint and utter pain, took me three goes to get this comment up….grrrrrrrrr…..

  6. Akismet is indeed great. I think there is no reason at all why services can’t keep up with the spammers, and Akismet and Gmail are examples of where the battle, if not being won, is certainly much harder fought than before.

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