Adding Sticky Posts To Your WordPress Theme

If you’re using a WordPress theme that has yet to be updated to incorporate the newest features in WordPress 2.7 chances are, you don’t have support for sticky posts. Quick Online Tips solves this problem by providing a quick tutorial which explains how to add this feature to your theme instead of ditching it altogether.

Sticky posts are a great way to feature content for a prolonged period of time. You can also use sticky posts to highlight breaking news or special alerts. Just about every theme which supports WordPress 2.7 should have this feature in it.

6 thoughts on “Adding Sticky Posts To Your WordPress Theme

  1. Thankfully this problem is now easily dealt with – wordpress just keeps getting better and better. Still have problems adding a space (blank line) though.

  2. Is a sticky post the same as a featured post that you can get a plugin for or are they different things? It seems quite a popular practise to use sticky posts on forums.

  3. @poznan – Even if you get wp 2.7 with Stickies, if your theme is not upgraded – it cannot display sticky posts.

  4. okay… Good tips but I don’t see a point in making yourself troubled with some additional reading when you could get wp 2.7 – you’ll have stickies and you’ll have safe version.

  5. A very helpful post for bloggers who use wordpress. Sticky posts are a very useful aspect of wordpress blogging. Thanx for posting it.

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