A ‘Personal Blog?’ Just use Facebook!

Okay so maybe I was a bit brazen with the title, but after writing about technology for more than 5 years I had wanted to reboot and open up a personal blog where I talk about the more mundane “let your hair down” moments which only close friends can truly relate to. So I erased some content from domains I didn’t use and decided to install WordPress.

Actually, I initially did an iWeb install, then got frustrated over it, and went into WordPress. Then it dawned on me that these platforms were not what I was looking for. All I wanted was Facebook. The updating of status message, getting very personal comments, photo uploads of the weekend dive trip … these were all the things I ever wanted to do in a personal blog. And the whole stats thing, really — did I need that?

So I scrapped the idea of a personal blog because all along, Facebook was there. I’d like to ask you — how extensive is your Facebook use? With the introduction of the custom URL, I’m able to include my Facebook address alongside my Twitter, email and IM when I print business cards.

9 thoughts on “A ‘Personal Blog?’ Just use Facebook!

  1. I’d agree that facebook is a very great tool for people to connect with you, and for people to actually view what your posting on the internet, but there’s just something cool about having your own blog/website.

  2. A lot of my web friends aren’t on my Facebook, and as for the friends who are on Facebook, well a lot of the time I might be talking about them in my personal blog. I could block certain people/groups from my blogs, but that would mean I barely have an audience and I don’t want to risk words spreading if I accidentally forget to block any particular group. Perhaps I should really just stop talking behind people’s backs.

  3. Maybe a facebook page as a personal blog, kind of like the way kevin rose uses his personal page. For the most part i think a protected twitter acct would be better than facebook.

  4. Since I realized that I could split “friends” into groups on FB, it’s more or less taken the place of my blog for exactly the reasons you mention. And everyone gets the feed from my main blog that has more newsy, less personal stuff on it.
    I do wonder, though, how faddish FB is, how much privacy you really have and would never upload vacation photos etc. on it — that’s the peril of treating it like a personal blog…

  5. I use facebook for my personal life and try to not include it for anything other than that. I have multiple blogs that I run for niches that interest me and I try to make profit off of them.

  6. A personal blog is great for personal branding. The only problem using facebook as your personal blog decreases the chance of earning if a blogger is thinking for monetizing in the future.

    Johnchow.com is one of the most known personal blogs that seems to be very successful in his field . Shoemoney is also one of them.

    I believe that A personal Blog + Facebook will do.. Just my opinion. Have a great day.

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