50% Affiliate Rate for pMetrics

We thought we’d spice-up our pMetrics affiliate offering and give a full 50% on all referrals. That’s 50% for the life of the sign-up.

Now you can make up to $25 per sign-up. Sign-up 10 people per month and you could be looking at a steady $250/month. Not bad!

To celebrate the new affiliate offering, we’ve created a new affiliate image that we think will help you promote pMetrics more effectively:

Just make sure to replace the “6” with your own affiliate code.

2 thoughts on “50% Affiliate Rate for pMetrics

  1. the nice thing is that the referral fee is recurring. So if you sign up 10 people per month, the next year, with a 75% retention rate, you could be looking at $250 + $175 = $425 and so on.

    Also, if you’ve got a big audience, you could benefit from the 2nd tier 5% rate. So if you refer a user and they in turn refer someone else, you’d make 5% of that sale.

  2. Very nice! I’ve been looking for some good affiliate programs, but I think I’ll try using the pMetrics affiliate program along with my other advertiser.

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