2500 Blogs Cant Be Wrong!

24hrs after launching Performancing Metrics, we are now tracking more than 2500 blogs. We’re a long way from where we want to be, but I think that we’re doing pretty well, and with your help and feedback, we’ll only get better!

On the last update, at 500 blogs tracked, I posted a whole bunch of great quotes from feedback. This time round, though the overwhelmingly positive reviews continue to pour in, I’d like to do something different.

A Few Facts About Performancing Metrics

  • We now track over 2500 blogs
  • We’re making public stats available later today
  • Sometime soon, “Performancing Rank” will be unveiled
  • The whole concept of PMetrics has been managed by just 3 people, from 3 different countries
  • Web2.0 hype, can kiss my arse. PMetrics was released without any silly invitatoin nonsense, and it “just works”.
  • We read every bit of feedback, and have already incorporated some of it into the next release scheduled for later today
  • Our Javascript code is not obfuscated for a reason: We’ll be making it Open Source, and available for all to use as they see fit
  • Yes, we WILL be incorporating Metrics into Performancing Firefox
  • We’re having a lot of fun, and hope you are too 🙂

Please Help Us Spread the Word

In order for this to be successful, we need to get the word out, please help us do that. Blog about it, link to it, tell your friends and later today, share your public stats!

Feedback Welcomed!

YOU are the people we built this for, and we want you to help us shape the way Metrics develops, so please use the Metrics forum, your own blogs or your Performancing blogs to tell us what you think, how you would improve, and what you want.

We read all of it.

Support Requests will be moved out of this post into the forums, thanks!

32 thoughts on “2500 Blogs Cant Be Wrong!

  1. We went over the 4k mark a few minutes ago, can’t wait to announce 5k next week!

  2. The person above was asking for the “The graphing and time selection widgets are great and I have a feeling they are highly desired by Drupallers.”

    Although, this is definitely something on the “to do” list for Drupal, pairing it with an XML-RPC powered module for sub-sites, and a dashboard view on users, posts, etc. Would love to discuss making the codebase available.

  3. >>Nick, will you marry me?

    I’ll ask Mrs W if it would be ok….

    |>>drupal code

    No, too easy to reverse engineer the database, and that’s the heart of what’s allowing us to have an open door on signups, rather than maxing out at a couple of hundred…

  4. What sets metrics apart?

    I think the main difference is metrics is aimed at people who want to make revenue from blogging. That is two differences right there – it is not a general webmaster tool, it’s aimed at bloggers so tracks the stuff bloggers are interested in (though obviously still works for non-blogs) and the advertising revenue metric side has already begun with adsense tracking.

    Because it is aimed at bloggers you will see each blogging software has its own script and templates. Other tracking solutions tend to have one script that goes into every page. Initially most platforms do not track every page view, just the posts and comments. As Nick says though, the code is all there to improve and tweak how you like it. If you put the script into every page it would track it, you might want to set the Z_ title and category variables to something that would make sense to you though. It’s definitely an area we would like feedback and help on.

    The second difference is our focus on community interaction, we want to make this the very best it can be by listening to what you all tell us you need and make that happen. This isn’t a “here it is, like it or lump it” operation as you will have already learned in the short time we have been around! We really do want you to tell us what you like and contribute if you can. Already we have great contributions on the WP side and the products only been in beta mere hours, great stuff!

    I could go on and on, but I don’t want to get boring, heh. Why don’t you tell us what differences you have found?

  5. Nick, will you marry me? Yes, I’m married and chubby, but we can make it work.

  6. Nick,

    The metrics are great!!!!111!!!oneeleven!!!11

    Quick question, you said

    Our Javascript code is not obfuscated for a reason: We’ll be making it Open Source, and available for all to use as they see fit

    does that also apply to the drupal related code that you have written? The graphing and time selection widgets are great and I have a feeling they are highly desired by Drupallers.

  7. Hey Performancing Crew! Loved the blog, it is very helpful. I am really excited to try out this service and see what I can learn about my own blog traffic from it.

    One question I have is from a comparison side of things: How does performancing compare to other blog traffic/metric services? What sets it apart? What are you doing that others aren’t doing?

    Maybe this is in an FAQ somewhere and I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

  8. Seems to be running nicely, just added my second blog to see how that looks tomorrow. re. the earlier comments on Adsense clicks, it is logginmgsome and missing some at the moment, it seems, but well let things simmer it is amzaing for a day one product.

    And thanks for the comment on Web 2.0 … I’m an older guy, so when I make a negative comment regarding something that is alleged yo be ‘new and kewl’, but really is just a lot of Johnny Come Latelys who think the Internet started with the WWW, I just gte dismissed as a Luddite. But good code and a good concept are not Web 2.0 or Web 1.0 or any other buzz word .. they’re just good code and hard work.

  9. xuxubeleza, I just checked your account and see it is working for you but I think you need to give it a few hours and do some test visits. Do come back to us tomorrow if you still have problems?

  10. … keep up the good work me ol’ mucker!

    Looking forward to putting it through its paces when my blog finally
    gets going.

  11. Great job guys. I just installed it and can’t wait for my stats to start showing up. Excellent work!

  12. Just a quick note that adsense clicks are working here.

    It’s the comments that aren’t being tracked on my page but I already have a topic open for that in the forum.

  13. I am so thrilled for performancing.com’s release!!!!!! Very impressive debut. Thank you guys for providing such service. Only thing to may add to the features are Unique Visitors stat and which City/State in the country’s geography stat. Keep up the amazing work! I have already provided you a link on http://downsizersband.com . Heck, who needs Google now?

  14. There are no ads going up on this site, not now, not ever.

    Can you ask your adsense Q in the support forum, then we can see if others are having a similar issue, and get you some help if it is a problem at your end..

  15. I cannot see my adsense clicks on my Metrics page. Is that a known bug by any chance? I have had one or two today but it’s not showing here…?

    Awesome tool, BTW. Im sure that by later next year when ads go up at performancing.com this will be a huge boost in traffic and ad clicks!

    Smart move. We get great, free, valuable tool. Everybody wins.

  16. does it matter whether you have the full post visible or just the summary (i.e. have to click on the ‘read more..’ link)?

  17. And a solution was posted in the forums. It was titled: “WordPress problem” or something like that.

  18. I just signed up yesterday and I’m thoroughly impressed so far. I actually just had my site mentioned on the local radio station and the metrics shows a nice spike of 140 visitors right after the the mention of my site on the radio. Very cool.

    Now, the one problem. I am using WordPress and all of the hits to the front page are being counted for the last post displayed on the front page. As I add new posts, it keeps changing posts that get the “credit” for the front page visit. Did I do something wrong or is this a bug?

  19. I like the look of the metrics. I have two suggestions – I would like to see more than just the last five visitors (frankly, I’d like to see the last 100!) and I don’t see a way to do that, and it would be very helpful if IPs were already resolved rather than having to click each. For example, I use statcounter right now and I can look at a page of the last 20 visitors, their ISP/location, and paths through the site which I rely on (glancing at ISPs/company names is very useful to help me figure out who’s looking at the site). I don’t see a way to do that easily in PMetrics.

    Features I love – the comments tracking and popular pages! Great start!

  20. If you see any hiccups do let us know, we can only make this really great with your help and feedback. Some new updates will be going in over the next couple of hours with added features so you might see one or two glitches, just refresh and it should be ok. Do let us know if you have problems though!

  21. Good job and congrats! I’m sure you realize it will just feed on itself for a while, giving you exponential growth and huge problems keeping up with the demand I wish you the best luck.

  22. So far I really love everything. But, it looks like you guys are having your first problem. I can’t get into my metrics right now. I’m not sure if it is an all users thing or just me. It was working just fine about an hour ago, but now it can’t find the DB.

  23. So far it looks like a very useful tool that works. You guys come out with some pretty good stuff. And I’ve been having fun tinkering with the WordPress code to make it work better.

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