FireFox Released

FireFox 2 logoFor those of you who have yet to step into the FireFox 3 arena, FireFox 2 is still being supported. FireFox version has been released to the public. This release goes down as a security update. If you’d like to see what was fixed, check out the release notes. You can obtain this version of the 2.0 branch by manually using the Check For Updates feature located in FireFox under HELP – Check For Updates. For those that want the automatic upgrade, this process should occur the next time you start FireFox 2 today or tomorrow.

To manually upgrade, follow this link.

Are you still using version 2 or have you moved to version 3? I’m currently using version 2 on the desktop and 3 on the notebook.


  1. James Mowery says:

    Version three was starting to become unstable (I’m on the Mac), but with the last release candidate and final release, everything is going well on the Firefox 3 side of things.

    The only reason I’d stick with Firefox 2 is if there is an extension that has not been upgraded yet. Otherwise, I suggest people upgrade and, at the very least, report those nasty bugs!

  2. Firefox 3.0. It ain’t perfect but it’s the best thing out there by far and version 3.01 (bug fix) should take care of the few quirks that are left (release date around July 15th).

  3. Jeff Chandler says:

    I’ve actually uninstalled FireFox 3 on my notebook and have reverted to version 2.0.0.x until all of my extensions are officially compatible.

  4. I do like firefox but i have found my self using Crome purely because of its great array of plugins.

  5. Its good to know that some of the older versions of FF are still around, in my experience after every upgrade a plugin or two always breaks and gives you headache if go on finding hacks and try to make things work again.

  6. I do like firefox but i have found my self using Crome purely because of its great array of plugins.

  7. To be honest – I have no opinion about “FireFox Released : Performancing”, it’s just me!

  8. Thanks for Firefox new version.

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