Yahoo’s Secret Blog Research Tool – MyWeb2.0

I use, and I love it. It’s not without it’s problems though. Due to sheer weight of numbers, more often than I’d like, the server is flaky, and some of the tags are so busy, that it’s impossible to keep up. And some of those tags are so spammed out that it’s not worth keeping up.

Enter Yahoo’s MyWeb2.0, a reasonably well known service, but a vastly underated one in my opinion.

I’ve been using Y!2 for a couple of weeks now, mostly to track tags the same way as you would delicious, but there are some very key advantages Y!2 has over it’s better known rival:

  • It’s faster, more reliable
  • It’s less used, so less spammed out, or full of rubbish
  • It’s mostly used (from what i can tell) by fairly hardcore researchers so the level of information being bookmarked is stella!

The Usual Suspects

You can do all the normal things with Y!2 you’d expect with a bookmarking service, tag pages, read and subscribe to tagged pages, subscribe to individual users tags etc etc, but there are a few important differences.

  • When you bookmark, you can make your bookmark private, or only for “your community” (people tagging similarly to you)
  • The interface is cleaner, and easier to understand
  • You can access your search history

Im aware that im likely to cop a bit of flak over prefering Y!2 to delicious, but for me it really is becoming a much more valuable resource these days.


There are a whole shed load of tools for Y!2 of course, including the ability to import from delicious (something i only just found out, and will do the moment i’ve finished writing) and bookmarklets and API’s.

All in all, Y!2 for me just floors delicious in terms of quality of information, uptime and usability — im loving it, and although it will likely not stay underused (hence not so junked out), for now, it’s a killer little research tool.

If you’ve not tried it, do 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Secret Blog Research Tool – MyWeb2.0

  1. now offers a new possibility to mark private bookmarks as “not shared”. You have to enable that feature in the settings!

    Please read private saving ryan which was posted on March 19, 2006.

    I have imported all my Firefox bookmarks which worked fine. All imported bookmarks are by default set to “not shared”.

    One glitch with the new feature is that if you export all your bookmarks the private ones are not exported.

  2. I’ll try to edit this comment with links later. I find it quite satisfying that if you use “Spurl” as your primary bookmarking tool, you can have it set up to automatically throw those links into That way you have a alternative if one goes down or when there is too much load on either server/network.

    However, just for grins I sometimes like to click my “Only Wire” bookmarking button which I have set up to throw my links all over the net at about twelve different bookmarking services all at once. Hey, if one of those services ever become a prime candidate to switch to all I have to do is logon 🙂

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