WP Ajax Edit Comments 2.2 Released

Longtime readers of Performancing know that I am a big fan of Ronald Huereca’s WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin for WordPress. Just when I think the plugin can’t get any better, he releases a new version that improves upon the last.

WP Ajax Edit comments is a WordPress plugin that provides the ability for users to edit their comments in an Ajax powered interface. On top of that, site administrators have additional features such as the ability to submit comments to the Akismet queue and deleting comments from outside the administration panel. You can even edit comments via the Ajax interface when your within the comment manager.

This latest version of the plugin adds a very cool feature known as De-Link. This will strip the url from the comment similar to how the dedicated DeLink plugin works. You can now also move the editing interface to be above or below the comment. Ronald has also provided a bit of a performance bump by decreasing the footprint of the Javascript while also making the editor completely stand alone from the comments system.

I consider this plugin my right hand man when I install a fresh version of WordPress. Thanks goes out to Ronald who continues to do a great job with this plugin.

Are you currently using this WordPress plugin? Has it saved you any time as a WordPress site administrator?

2 thoughts on “WP Ajax Edit Comments 2.2 Released

  1. I am a loyal user of the WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin ((actually my blog readers are the ones really using).

    I have a question about the new delinking feature. When would you delink a certain comment? I tend to think that my commentators deserve to be linked for leaving useful comments.

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