Why New Bloggers Should Become Active at Performancing: 5 Tips

Ahmed wrote about the blogging opportunities that came avialable to him through Performancing. I completely agree with him.

I’ve been around longer on Perf than Ahmed, but only just slightly. There are a few lurkers here that have been around longer than me, but they don’t seem to participate anymore. That leaves room for you, dear new Perf member/ newbie blogger.

For all the Perf readers that have recently started following this site, let me say to you that pretty much every single paid gig I’ve received since Jan 2006 was because of my participation here at Perf. Some gigs were indirect, but Perf has played a major factor in my being able to work from home for over a year

Of course, I’m a blogger for hire and don’t put as much effort into my own blogs (something I’ve started rectifying this summer). However, you’ll learn lots here for your blogs, or for your hired work, from active, successful bloggers sharing their experiences.

I don’t want to single anyone out, but I will say you should read every post Ahmed and Ryan have written here, not to mention all our other guest bloggers. Go through the archives as well. Set up your own Perf blog and start writing about blogging/ related topics; build your profile. It might just lead you to work.

I’m especially going to say to every blogger that drops comments on job listings at Perf and say “pick me, i can blog for you,” I say prove it. Show what you know. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Sign up with Performancing so you have a blog here. Use a username with your name in it.
  2. Build up your profile page and write in it a bit about your current projects and what you are hoping to work on in the future. Link to any blogs you own.
  3. Start commenting on the posts here. Don’t be afraid to disagree, but do offer constructive criticism instead of insults.
  4. Start posting on your Performancing blog . Topics should only be about blogging/ writing, blog platforms, monetization, SEO/ SEM, SMM, productivity, finding work, work environments (e.g., at home), software/ tools, etc. [Personal Perf blogs should not be about anything else.]
  5. In your posts, link back to your best relevant articles elsewhere, as well other bloggers’ relevant articles on Performancing and elsewhere.

Do all that and… Well, there are a number of bloggers who are in a position to hire, and they keep tabs on Performancing activity. I, for example, am much more likely to hire you if you’ve been participating on Perf. I get to know you, your work (ability to write a sentence), thoughts, etc.

7 thoughts on “Why New Bloggers Should Become Active at Performancing: 5 Tips

  1. Do you know that you have a personal blog on performancing.com?
    Which subjects to blog about in your blog on p.com?

    Become active! Start your own personal blog on performancing.com!

    The moment you become a member on performancing.com (p.com) you do not only have the right to write comments or forum entries but you also get a personal blog and user profile. If you are following the p.com community activities then it is a natural thing to post your own blog entries.

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    Follow-Up is here: How-To blog on p.com (Inspiration)

  2. Trisha – good luck then. I see you are “user #20”. Wow. You’ve been here longer than I have.

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I’m one of those lurkers that don’t seem to participate anymore. But then I’ve never participated anywhere like I should.

    Your tips aren’t just useful for new bloggers – they could help anyone! I need to get to work on 3 and 4.

  4. Not only do I learn a lot by coming here, but since blogging here traffic has increased on my other blogs.

  5. I wasn’t aware until reading this that anyone with an account could blog here. I’ve just created my first post, so thanks. 🙂

  6. I’m really surprised to see how well posts written here gets popular. Yesterday I wrote a post and I saw one or two big bloggers reading it and stumbling it too. This is a great place for bloggers to start with and as you said the main reason to blog here, is to build your profile online.

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