Why I Belong to Hive

I could talk about blogging all day. The problem is, I don’t know anyone in the real world who blogs, cares to talk about blogging, or even knows what a blog is for that matter. I do talk to fellow bloggers via Skype or Twitter on occasion, but not everyone wants to discuss SEO tips or whether or not I should purchase a particular domain. That’s why I appreciate Performancing’s Hive forum.

If you’re a regular to my Freelance Writing Jobs blog you know people encourage me to charge for access to job leads and advice, and I refuse to do it. You also know I don’t pimp products or services for the hell of it, especially services where you’re expected to reach into your wallet. I don’t accept swag for swag’s sake and I don’t promote a product unless it’s something I absolutely believe in.

When I heard it would cost $10 for access to Hive I questioned the price. I felt $10 per month was way too high. But after spending months in a private forum with other senior Performancing members, I knew a private forum just for bloggers and people serious about the new media would yield a goldmine of information.

Why should you join Hive? I’m not going to sell you anything. Instead, I’ll tell you why I belong to Hive.

  • I can talk about blogging to my heart’s content with other bloggers and online experts.
  • I can get honest opinions and critiques.
  • I can get assistance for projects and advice when asked.
  • Free reports regarding blogging, SEO and more. And I’m talking about E-book sized reports, not a couple of pages telling you stuff you already know.
  • It’s a place where you can ask for help Stumbling, Digging and otherwise loving your blog posts.
  • It’s a place where I can bounce ideas off others and get feedback.
  • I made important contacts in the industry.
  • If one of the members of Hive has a blogging gig available, it’s there first.
  • It’s a tax write-off.

One of the reasons I went to Blog World Expo last November was to meet and talk with other bloggers and learn. Hive is like a blogging conference I can visit any time. Is that worth $10 to me? Absolutely!

4 thoughts on “Why I Belong to Hive

  1. I totally agree. I have no “real-life” friends that I can talk stats, search engines, etc with or share my latest great link I got – Hive fills that niches for me. It’s great to get feedback form other bloggers too when knocking around an idea.

  2. “Get Networking” is the single best piece of advice I can give anyone in business. I would say that is the one factor that has made the biggest difference to my career.

  3. Nice post Deb – Hive is the best. Part of the reason it’s so great is that everyone truly wants to be helpful to everyone else- a great group of people.

  4. Not to mention that a single mention of your article in the Hive Social Buzz forum can generate thousands of visitors from Stumble Upon.

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