7 thoughts on “Which Blogging Platform Do You Use Most?

  1. I evolved from blogger to wordpress and now I’m happy with Drupal :D. Drupal is highly more customisable and I love it (now I’m waiting for module updates to go to drupal 6)

  2. It’s free, hosted, Digg-proof, includes 1GB for images and lets you throw up Ad-Sense with no hassles at all. It can feel limited after a while if you don’t want to spend time trying to hack around the Blogger XML templates.

    I like WordPress largely because of the community around it that is by and large a very giving community. I like the look of Movable Type 4 for example but I’m less convinced about the community (if you’re in the MT community and you think I’m wrong, feel free to try and convince me otherwise – I’m platform agnostic with no agenda other than using what works for me).

    Microblogging is fun (I use Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr to various degrees) but you need to do some serious work to make that your serious, primary platform. However, all three can be used in different ways as an adjunct to your main work very successfully, especially allowing you to express yourself differently while keeping within your brand. Perfect example is Merlin Mann of 43 Folders fame, who uses his Tumblr and Twitter presences to develop a personal brand that complements his productivity consulting work.

  3. Some reading material, if you’re interested in blog and microblog platform choices:

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