10 thoughts on “What’s your dream blogging career niche (that is, to make a living with)?

  1. I love writing humor and I do inject it into my posts and comments at times, but I would love to just write humor. I do have a secret not-for-profit blog that is just humor, but whenever I think about monetizing it I start thinking about everything EXCEPT humor.

  2. …and look at that, that’s the dream of most others so far as well Not surprising, given that blogging is only just moving out of the technology early adopter sphere into the broader consciousness.

    General or sub-niche technology, there’s so much of interest to choose from.

    My secondary choice is personal development a la Awake at the Wheel, Pick the Brain, The Happiness Project and so on, with sub-niche material from places like Unclutterer, Brazen Careerist and the like. The idea interests me but with so much quality already floating around I fear I lack the material or the ability to compete.

  3. Having been in marine field, I find it very interesting to blog on marine related subjects.

  4. My Dream Career Niche is Real Estate. Simply because Real Estate is my profession and is the subject I know the most about. Blogging about another subject or niche just wouldn’t make sense for me. Personally I couldn’t see somebody an “authority” in a niche if one’s profession was totally different.

  5. The general idea is to see where the interest of Performancing readers lies. So if you could actually make a full-time living blogging your dream niche, what would that be?

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