What Makes A Problogger?

First, a little history. I’ve been blogging since 2006 back when a project called EFx2 was being developed. EFx2 was like the WordPress.com before I knew of WordPress. I used the blog as a way to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions on things that occurred in my personal life as well as what was going on in the world of technology and the web. Back in June of 2007, I decided to jump off the subdomain bandwagon and start blogging seriously on my own domain. Thus, jeffro2pt0.com was born.

Since the launch of my own domain, I’ve written short posts, long posts, engaging posts, list posts, and all sorts of other posts. I blogged for one year as an experiment to see what would happen. As luck would have it, the way I wrote about WordPress topics caught on and netted me my first paid blogging gig. Afterwards, I landed my next blogging job here at Performancing. So the road of experience for me is not a long one but I’ve learned quite a lot since I started getting paid to write.

I don’t consider myself a problogger. I’ve never dabbled with AdSense, Adwords, Sponsorships, advertising, affiliates or any of that other stuff which makes a profit. I’ve generated income for myself by blogging for people, not for myself. Does this make me a problogger?

A problogger to me is someone who can make a living blogging on their own domain. A problogger is also someone who is a professional within the niche they are writing for. Although I don’t claim any expertise in anything at all, I love writing about WordPress and know a thing or two about the software. I’ve been paid to write about WordPress before, does that make me a WordPress problogger?

5 thoughts on “What Makes A Problogger?

  1. Ahh, under your definition, I would be a problogger but I just don’t feel I deserve that title. It’s still a hobby/paid job kind of deal for me. I’m not making huge bucks but enough to pay some bills, would that be problogger material or would I need thousands of dollars to be considered pro?

  2. I’ve begun to think that probloggers are simply bloggers who are professionals within the niche they write about. Prime example is Darren Rowse who writes about blogging or Chris Garret with online marketing ect. I do make money writing for others, but I still can’t consider myself a problogger.

  3. Interesting question. I have always thought a problogger was someone who made at least a full-time living from their blog alone. But many people gain popularity from their blog and use it to make money from other sources. Not sure if they would be called probloggers though.

  4. I think a problogger is either someone who a) makes a substantial portion of their income from their own blogs or b) is paid to write for others. Being a pro means you are making real money doing it, it’s not just a hobby. Whether that money is made through traffic generation > advertising, or whether it is fees for articles, I think you’re a pro either way.

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