What Makes a Good WordPress Theme? Tell Us And Win a Free Premium Themes Club Account

Premium Themes Club has launched, in partnership between Splashpress Media and R.Bhavesh of CSSAce.com.

Premium Themes Club exemplifies an exciting new idea in sharing premium WordPress themes with the community. You don’t have to spend money each time you want to try out a new theme. But rather, by being part of the Club, you get access to a wide array of expertly-crafted WordPress themes for your blog. You can download and re-download to your heart’s content. There’s no limit to what you can do with Club themes, as these are lightweight but powerful designs that can be adapted to any need, whether it’s a blog, online magazine, or even a corporate website.

As part of the launch, PTC is offering Performancing readers the chance to get free Club memberships (worth $150 per year). Simply answer this question on your own blog:

What Makes a Good WordPress Theme? Why?

It’s up to you what you want to answer. Is it browser compatibility? Is it being lightweight? Is it stand-out graphics? Is it the sidebar layout? Typeface? It’s up to you. Just be sure to answer why, as that would help the folks at the Club develop better themes.

We’ll then give the first 10 good answers free Club memberships. By “good” I mean something with substance, and at least an explanation why that particular aspect of a WordPress theme is the most important one.

The only catch is that you’ll need to post your answer on your own blog (do remember to link to premiumthemesclub.com), and then leave a comment on this particular post. It’s up to you how you want to write your answer, and what title to use, of course.

The Club already has about 30+ premium themes available for download (these are also available for individual purchase). Aside from Club membership, the Club also offers an opportunity to earn, through the affiliate program. Do check out updates at premiumthemesclub.com or follow @premiumclub on Twitter.

Folks connected with Splashpress and CSSAce are, of course, ineligible. As are Hive members already given free access.

16 thoughts on “What Makes a Good WordPress Theme? Tell Us And Win a Free Premium Themes Club Account

  1. Hi Steve and Rarst. Please email me at jangelo @ performancing.com so I can send you the coupon code.

  2. Many people overlook the layout – but it can actually make a huge impact on your site. Not only is the site’s layout a reflection of yourself (let’s hope it’s not too cluttered or messy), but it’s also something that is extremely difficult to change yourself. Check the layout – are the sidebars wide enough to fit advertisements into? Is there an advertisement banner in the header? Does the theme have too much stuff in too little space?

  3. No deadline. Just as soon as we reach 10. We already have two _good_ ones. I’m waiting for you two folks to email me: sungk.im and Bill Kracke. jangelo at performancing dot com.

  4. I have used 100’s of themes and the by far the best one I have found and use on all my blogs is semiologic pro’s theme..which is fully seo optimized and has all the plugins you need already installed and beautifully designed…can I drop a non affiliate link here? http://www.semiologicpro.com

  5. What makes a good WordPress theme is it’s overall user’s experience. It’s a mix of browser compatibility, readability, accessibility, the theme’s weight, and optimization for search engine. A good WordPress theme may not have a stand-out graphics, so long as users can easily see what they’re looking for – the content.

  6. Hi,

    The link to premiumthemesclub.com at the very end of the post seems to be a relative link and so pointing to this site only.

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