What do bloggers’ want in an ad nework?

Here’s a quick poll that I’d like everyone to fill out in the comments. Is that cool? Would you do just this one favor for me?

Ok. So Performancing is about helping bloggers succeed. Whatever that means, right? Well, for most of us, success amounts to a combination of factors including 1) building a community 2) having created something good 3) making money for our efforts

This poll is designed to help with 3 (which we hope you’ll use to leverage for 1) and 2) !!!

Three Questions:

  1. Would you use an ad program that guaranteed a minimum monthly payout? If so, what would that minimum monthly payout have to be to catch your attention?
  2. What’s most important to you: A) making more money from less ads B) being paired with highly relevant advertisers C) having a new way to make money that doesn’t overlap with your current ads?
  3. Have you had any success with affiliate ads? Would you be interested in an affiliate program that guaranteed monthly payments?

8 thoughts on “What do bloggers’ want in an ad nework?

  1. I love having Garri around Performancing. You always need a contrarian to keep things interesting (and, as they say “to keep it real”)

  2. 1. Yes, depending on if the trade offs of premium and non-premium ad space. $100 a month minimum (what can I say? I tend to think premium).

    2. CAB

    3. Would I be interested in guaranteed affiliate income? – heck yeah!

  3. 1. Depending on the type of ad and traffic of course, but $25 would be good

    2. B)

    3. No success with affiliate ads so far, so I’d love guaranteed payouts with affiliates (if they’re relevant ads)

  4. 1) Yes, but it’s not a necessary criteria. $25 sounds nice, but shouldn’t it be based on how big the publishing blog is? $100 for the big blogs (I’m talking 10k visitors per day).

    2) B) Relevant advertising means that the conversion rate will be high, and thus advertisers will pay more as well.

    3) Somewhat. Yes, of course, who would say no to guaranteed payouts!

  5. 1. Yes. $25.
    2. C)
    3. Not really. Yes.

    I really don’t like BlogAds. I find the system confusing and stingy. Plus one has to leave the code/ad up on your site even you are earning zero. I hope that one can better that.

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