What Is An Infographic And Why Are They So Popular?

It seems that infographics are everywhere you look these days, all the major tech sites feature them almost daily, friends Tweet them and post them on their Facebook walls even your parents seem to be aware of them.

Information Overload

The amount of information that we create and store is doubling year on year, for some new data report to grab our attention it needs to be more than just some graphs and pie charts and it needs to be represented in a way that we are going to remember it. With all this new data bombarding the audience reader retention rate is becoming more and more important.

Decreasing Attention Spans

It seems that more and more social tools and channels are being launched every few months, not so long ago it was just your email and perhaps a blog these days how many of us have more than one email account, a Twitter profile, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn along with others? Having all these channels seriously decreases the amount of time we can spend on each one thus the importance of putting your point across in a short amount of time is more important than ever.

More Appealing, Easy To Share

A picture is worth a thousand words. This has not been more true than with infographics. People also love sharing content that has captivated there attention and also is visually appealing, a popular infographic will often go viral across all the major social channels every quickly. Which would you rather put on your Facebook wall, a two thosand word report with charts and tables or an Infographic that summarises all that data?

Infographiclabs have produced a design explaining what an infographic is and how they are both useful and important for marketing.