Twitter geotagging: Will you be using the new service?

Do you Twitter from your mobile device while on the go, or do you tend to use the service from the comfort of your home computer?

Twitter’s recent announcement that it has added geotagging capabilities to its API means that we will soon see a number of third-party Twitter applications taking advantage of that.

Geotagging is one of the latest crazes, it seems, with many devices now containing GPS devices and making the task very easy.

Yet, while taking photos and geotagging them some time later has few privacy concerns (assuming you’ve granted permission to share the photos on a service such as Flickr), tweeting from an identifiable location raises some possible concerns.

Whereas manual tweeting means you can be a little vague about your exact location (West London, for example), broadcasting your GPS location means it’s possible for people to track where you are.

In the ideal, friendly world, this is a fantastic feature because it allows you to find your friends and other interesting people.

Without being alarmist, a slightly more sinister world may require some care to be taken. After all, unless you’ve made your Twitter account private, you could be tracked by anyone, and the fact that geotagging happens with each tweet means you can’t even delay revealing your current location.

What do you think of geotagging for tweets? Will you be using the new feature?

5 thoughts on “Twitter geotagging: Will you be using the new service?

  1. Twitter is one of the most popular social site. We all are using it’s products and they very much beneficial for us. Thanks for sharing these useful information about Twitter.

  2. For people like its not a problem of security. But many other celebrities are using twitter, I am sure they are not going to use this because its not at all safe.

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