The new pMetrics Dashboard

The new pMetrics Dashboard is designed to quickly and efficiently show you the traffic data that you care about. It is full of live refresh fun (many thanks to the jQuery JavaScript library), and includes the ability to drag and drop the modules to wherever you want on the screen. They’ll stay there forever until you move them again.

The screenshot above shows a number of modules from the Dashboard. Take the ‘Links’ one for example. It shows your top 5 incoming links by default, but also allows you to view outgoing links and top incoming domains simply by clicking the appropriate link. Only that module is updated when you click items, making the dashboard very fast and efficient at getting the data you want.

Trend data from the previous period is shown on the right for each item, in green if your trend is good, or red if it’s bad. If you are viewing a single day, the previous period is the day before. If you are viewing a date range, for example the last 14 days, then the previous period is the 14 days before that.

You can hover your mouse over the trend to see a tooltip that defines the previous period for you and gives you the value. Clicking on the trend is where things get a lot more interesting, though. The module will instantly refresh and show you trend data for just that one item, either from the last 14 days if you are viewing single days, or the last 10 periods if you are viewing a date range. Screenshot

In development is the ability to pick and choose only the modules you want, and choose how much data is shown within each individual module. We’ll also be adding a Google Maps module. However, these features will be for premium accounts only! Detailed trend data (when you click the trend link) will also become premium only, but is available to everyone right now.

Overall, it’s a lot of fun, especially the trend data. Ideas from the new Dashboard will be implemented into the rest of the site over the coming weeks, so the whole site will work like this rather than just the dashboard.

Please help us spread the word by blogging about this! We think the new interface is really cool and we want everyone to know about it. 🙂

Have fun!

15 thoughts on “The new pMetrics Dashboard

  1. Thanks for the update Sean. Looking forward to continued improvements. I like the interface, now. Took me a while to get accustomed to it, but the summary format is very helpful.

  2. Now if only you could make the Spy page a little more condense and have it show more items (say around 50 or 100). Then I could walk away from my computer and come back to see what’s happened without needing to click anything.

  3. Sorry about the no stats today. There was a slight hiccup, it was fixed this morning but took a while for stats to catch back up to real time.

    Chuck – I have noticed the unique visitor numbers seem to be off as well. I will be looking into it!

    Also, there is an update to the dashboard, very likely to be released tomorrow, that will vastly improve it. In fact it is fully coded and functional already, I’m just doing a bunch of testing before releasing it 😛

  4. I like the new arrangement pretty well, but this morning all stats are showing ZERO, with no links, no searches, nothing … If I look at SPY, it shows activity, although does not seem to be as much activity as indicated in my access log.

    I double-checked that I am using the right script (haven’t changed it from when it was working).

    Thoughts and suggestions?

  5. Hey, great job on the new dashboard. More than anything, I like the fact that I can see more and potentially, when the functionality gets added, customize my dashboard.

    However, I think I may have run into an issue with the Uniques tab in the dashboard. The stats for unique visitors is definitely not correct. On some days, I have more uniques than actions… 😛 I’m not sure if this started happening after the change or whether it was always the case and I just hadn’t noticed before.

    Just a heads up for you guys. Thanks.

  6. Superb dashboard. You guys have done a commendable job. I have written about it.

    Only concern I voiced is display of IP Address. Will you tell if IP tracking IS important in blog metrics?

    Prince John

  7. Hi!
    First of all, I like to thanks all the pMetric team for awesome progress.

    But, I need my old dashboard to be the first dashboard.
    This is because I view pMetric using my handset.
    My handset browser always crashed when I open the new dashboard.

    But, if you guys can develop the dashboard for mobile device, I am speechless. Sudo for you guys!

  8. And it brings Pmetrics even farther above the rest of the offerings. Considering the subscription price it’s amazingly functional and well thought out. And as a WordPress blogger I love the fact that you took advantage of the new JQuery library to effectively ad the new Dashboard. Bravo, I say.

    Hmmm…Time for another post on Pmetrics methinks.

  9. Yep, I put Links and Searches at the very top. Content in the second row. Puter and locations at the bottom. And so on. For me, the key benefit of any stats program is analyzing incoming links and searches and to identify emerging content trends.

  10. Well, you obviously know what my preferences are, since I created the default layout that applies to everyone 😉

    You’re right though, that might be fun. Although I think it would be more interesting once we have full customization (being able to add and remove modules, and change the number of results in each one). I wouldn’t have locations or computer details on mine, as those tend to stay relatively stable. But in the meantime, since you can’t choose which ones you want, I put them on there because I figured some people would want them. And I would totally have Google Maps on my dashboard too! Although, that will definitely slow down load times. 🙁

  11. I love it. I love it. I love it.

    You know what would be fun. For about five us to independently re-arrange our pMetrics dashboard, take screenshots, and see how we all prioritize data differently.

  12. You guys continue to provide a great service and every new update is well-designed and extremely useful. The trend stuff is really great, and maybe the best feature yet. Thanks very much!

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