Take Your Blog to a Whole New Level with BlogTalkRadio

I’ve been half joking with David and Jeff over the past few weeks about switching their Perfcast to BlogTalkRadio. I say half joking because I think the Performancing podcast would do well with us. That’s not to say TalkShoe is a bad platform, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as BlogTalkRadio’s Community Manager if I didn’t try and convince others to drink our Kool-Aid. My nagging must be paying off a little because Jeff invited me to come back to my old stomping grounds and talk about BlogTalkRadio. With my thanks to Performancing, I’d like to tell you how you can take your blogs to a whole new level with our social radio community.

It’s Easy

I had been thinking about podcasting for some time now. What kept me from diving in is that I’m technically challenged. I don’t want to have to buy new equipment or download anything. I don’t want to break the website or have to contact technical support. BlogTalkRadio is perfect for people like me. The only skill needed is the ability to dial a phone. A laptop also helps because BlogTalkRadio allows hosts to manage a switchboard and chatroom. None of this is difficult either, you only need to know how to work your mouse. In fact, there is a free, live training session every day so new hosts can familiarize themselves with our technology.

It’s simple for your listeners and guests too. All they have to do is call in. There are no pins, no multiple menus, only a number to call. Your guests will have to wait to be unmuted, but they can hear the festivities over the phone and will know after hearing your introduction when it’s their time to talk.

Expand on Your Topics

I started a BlogTalkRadio show to enhance my freelance writing blog and community. I like that I can take the discussion beyond the 500 words in my blog post. My whole blogging team joins in and we learn how our community members feel as well. Many blog posts are written with short attention spans in mind. With radio, you know your listeners want to learn more and can talk at length on your chosen topic.

Bring Your Community Together

Your community is going to love being able to call in or take part in the chat. For some listeners, chat is the most enjoyable part of the BlogTalkRadio experience. They can ask questions to be answered on the radio show, offer a point of view or just socialize with other like-minded people. I found hosting a regular radio show has brought my community closer together. Even the folks who aren’t available for the live broadcast don’t miss out on the fun because the podcast is available soon after the live broadcast ends. I always post the player on my blog so my whole community can benefit.

It’s Better than Free

When the BlogTalkRadio team was working the booth at BlogWorld Expo, the most-asked question was “how much does it cost?” BlogTalkRadio is free. It will not cost you anything to host a radio show with us. We even take it a step better by sharing 35% to 50% of the advertising revenue whenever an advertiser wishes to support your show.

Host Support

If there’s one way I think BlogTalkRadio stands head and shoulders above other online radio networks is that we’re very supportive of our hosts. In addition to offering training sessions, a weekly BlogTalkRadio Insider show for our hosts, and a Yahoo Group to answer questions, our host support team is available at all times. We also offer hosts the ability to have their notable shows featured on the BlogTalkRadio homepage, our blog, and we even reach out to other blogs and communities to tell them about the day’s notable events. Our job is to help our hosts succeed.

Changes are Coming

BlogTalkRadio isn’t perfect but our tech team is working hard to fix many of the issues. We’ve heard our website isn’t so user friendly or esthetically pleasing. We agree. Stay tuned though, because major changes are being unveiled later this year.

Any Questions?

I’m happy to answer any questions regarding BlogTalkRadio. Feel free to ask here or send a note to me at deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll put you through to the person who does. Stop by, have a browse and sign up for a free account. Most of our hosts find themselves hooked after their first live experience. I’d love to learn how it works for you!

5 thoughts on “Take Your Blog to a Whole New Level with BlogTalkRadio

  1. thank you for letting me know about it. I have been thinking about it lately and now I have proofs that it is good. Ill be using Blogtalk soon.

  2. Hi Rob,

    You can schedule a show for any time of the day night, week or month. You can set it up as little as 15 minutes ahead of time if you’re so inclined.

    Give it a try some time!


  3. Jeff you can continue to talk and it will record on the podcast version but your listeners won’t be able to listen in unless you add more time, which is easy.

    Also, in your post about TalkShoe you said you liked that platform because you can schedule shows for whenever you want – you can do the same with BlogTalkRadio.

    Thanks for letting me talk about it!


  4. Can you do an after show on BlogTalkRadio or are you cut off once the time limit is reached?

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