Take The WordPress 2.7 Usability Survey

I’ve been using WordPress since 2.3 and I’ve yet to participate in any survey such as this one. The WordPress team currently has a survey open to the public which will allow you to vote on the specifics regarding the navigational menus. The goal for this survey is to figure out which navigational menus should be displayed, what those menus should be called, which items should be within those parent navigational items and more.

During the survey, users are presented with screenshots showcasing different navigational structures. The first question is multiple choice with three different layouts to choose from. After answering the first question, you are presented with ample opportunity to voice your opinions on why you chose your answer. After that, you get the chance to add your thoughts and opinions as to which labels the team should use for the navigational menu items. For example, I don’t like the way they are substituting themes for design. I’d rather they keep it the way it is. I guess this means you know what I answered for the labels section!

The last part of the survey asks you questions that are specific to each individual. Not sure how the responses to the last few questions will play into the answers they receive, but at least the team will have some meta data along with the survey results.

I applaud the team for giving end users the chance to respond openly towards the project, even more so with this survey. I for one would love to see more surveys like this in the future. This move also serves as more proof that WordPress 2.7 should be one hell of a release once November arrives.

Let me know if you took the survey and also share your thoughts on this approach from the WordPress team in the comments.

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