Successful-Blog To Host Networking Event

Liz Strauss, author of the Successful-Blog and one time contributor to will be hosting the equivalent of an auto show this weekend but for blogs. This is a great event if you are looking to meet new people while promoting your blog. The event will be held this weekend, July 26th-27th.

As Liz points out,

It’s FREE PROMOTION and visibility for your blog and your brand. It would be silly to pass it up.

Be sure to check out the details (blog-to-show-showcase-your-blog-at-successful-blog) on how to enter your blog into the showcase.

2 thoughts on “Successful-Blog To Host Networking Event

  1. Thanks for posting this information. I went to her site, and one of her posts alone had over forty comments on it. I submitted my blog because I think she’s doing something that will help everyone who participates.

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