Sponsor Performancing’s November 2007 WordPress Theme

A Brian Gardner Theme = Instant Classic.

Performancing’s November 2007 Theme sponsorship is now open for bidding.

Bids on Redbook start at $250.

So why should you consider sponsoring this theme? Here are four solid reasons:

  1. Themes offer an easy way to develop steady and natural link growth. Each of our themes continues to be downloaded and installed multiple times each month, meaning that your site will continue to gain links at a steady pace for well over a year.
  2. Theme sponsorship gives you a boost in Technorati and increases your visibility.
  3. Performancing’s most downloaded themes of all time are the themes designed by Brian Gardner. With a Brian Gardener theme, you can be absolutely confident that you will get a maximum return on investment.
  4. Theme sponsorships, combined with a “bait the hell out of it” approach have collectively proven to be the best two pronged approach to launching a new site.

What’s so good about Performancing’s upcoming theme Redbook? By employing a clean, balanced structure and emphasizing symmetry, Redbook uses the salient aspects of a physical book with the modern feel of a sophisticated website (hence “red book”). Redbook is a three-column theme with a sidebar on each side. The main column is mainly white-on-black, which is excellent for readability and adds to that book-like feel. The presentation of the sidebars is organized, with dark grey lines that separate each major heading. This theme is ideal for professional or personal bloggers who wish to convey a sense of organization and structure.

Get a preview of Redbook here.

9 thoughts on “Sponsor Performancing’s November 2007 WordPress Theme

  1. Sorry if I’m not doing it right, looks like the way to bid is to leave a comment right. I’d like to bid $300 for this theme sponsorship.

    But then again its already December so I might be too late?

  2. I’m in for $260.

    Check out my article on how to successfully sponsor a WordPress theme – if you’d like to know why I’m interested.

    How many links are going on this theme? A single at this price I suppose.

  3. Retrospectively, I wish Perf. had offered sponsorship for one of Brian’s previous themes: ModernPaper. My guess is that it has been the most popular one to date- is there any way we can get stats to check the amount of downloads of the individual themes (outside of theme viewers and backlink checks)?

    Anyway, opening the bidding here at $250 for this great theme.

  4. Looks great, is it possible to have a preview where ads are displayed? I have been looking around themes lately for a new blog and it is difficult sometimes to visualise the effect ads will have on the layout

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